Veer Video Premiere Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Veer Video Premiere Photos

Posted on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 by Chris

Seeing the turnout last weekend for the premiere of Trisan Mershon's new video "Veer" was inspiring, to say the least. If you want to know what Tampa / St. Pete skateboarding is, look no further. There were at least 100+ people packed into The Bricks event space, all there to cheer on the homies that got a clip. After the credits rolled, the champagne corks started popping and there were high fives and hugs all around. Just to add an extra level of rad, there was a photo show featuring images that documented most of the tricks and lifestyle behind the making of "Veer". You can see most of them below, as well as photos from the premiere.

Make sure you pick up a copy of the DVD, now available in-store and right here online.
Ok first, we'll start with the photos from the premiere. This first batch is courtesy of our Damn Am filmer, Frank Branca. This is one of the walls of prints for sale. All of these photos were shot around the filming of "Veer" by some pretty talented folks.
The man who put all this together.
Tom McKessy is part of the FSEC (Former SPoT Employee Club) and spent a few hours helping to make sure these prints weren't crooked.
The lights go down and it's time to start the show. You could hear people cheering from the streets outside The Bricks.
I think Sam got one of the loudest responses when his name appeared on screen.
Our squad: Rob Morris, Sam, Marse, Derick, Wes and Tristan.
This next batch of chill shots is from Lil Pink Camera, who literally takes a little pink camera around Ybor and gets some pretty great party shots. Give them a follow on Insta @lilpinkcamera. Here's Tristan, Derick, Josh Bowser and Julio clearly stoked on the video.
Tristan looks more interested in his drink than his own video. Maybe he's seen enough of it already.
Wes and Jyrus had full parts and were definitely the standouts.
But then Eric McKenney and Uncle Sam's parts were damn good too...
Chris Monte's in town...I wonder what his favorite part was.
This is what all that hard work added up to. Congrats, Tristan.
Glancy is a professional bottle popper, so naturally he did the honors.
Even Tristan's family showed up to support.
Marse got the ender and when you see the video, you'll understand why.
Everyone was pretty stoked on the photo show. You can see all of the prints below, right after these party shots.
Another FSEC member, Josh Wilson picks a winner.
SPoT lurkers - Liam Brocks, Ryan Cullen, Who Dat and DJ Sellers.
(Insert sunglasses emoji here)
I don't know why Jabari is making the stanky doo-doo face, but this seems like the right photo to end out the night with. Let's just say these reactions are about right for how good "Veer" is. Make sure you pick up the DVD and find out for yourself.
Ok, so this last round of images is a collection of all the prints that were available for sale that night. These were taken by Josh Bowser, Rolo Carrillo, Matt Hudson, Chaz Miley and George Goldberg on and around the 2 years it took to film "Veer" Here's Wes Box's Hippy Jump...take a close look - his board isn't easy to spot.
Marse - bluntslide
Chris Roque put in some work for this back 5-0...
...and it was well worth it.
Uncle Sam in Ybor City.
Derick Glancy - pole jam. This one's my personal favorite...reminds me of old Spike Jonze photos.
Glancy again with a Back Smith. Derick's leaving SPoT at the end of this week to move out to Cali and work for Crailtap. Gonna miss this dude!
Eric McKenney - bar hopping.
Chris Roque - Crooked Grind
Tristan keeping the VX dry.
Uncle Sam - BS Noseblunt
Marse - FS flip
Marse - BS 180 Nosegrind
Wes Box - Ollie from the clouds. This one's my 2nd favorite out of the bunch.
Eric McKenney with a mid-line wallride and Tristan close behind.
Marse - Ollie to wallride
Tristan just after filming the last trick in the video. Look at that smile of relief!
Photos by Rolo Carrillo: Marse Farmer - Ollie to Brick Ride.
Marse : Gap to Front Crook
Photos by Matt Hudson: Davin Wynkoop - Back Lip
The Veer Crew in NYC.
Photos by Chaz Miley: Jyrus Ferguson : Switch Front Heel
Sam : Front 180 in a tight spot
Rob Morris : Ollie in Ybor City
Photos by George Goldberg: The Sanchez Brothers
Josh Wilson
Derick : Kickflip Hoodride
Rob Morris
Uncle Sam


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