10 Shoes That Need To Be Brought Back Article at Skatepark of Tampa

10 Shoes That Need To Be Brought Back

Posted on Sunday, July 15, 2018 by Stephen

Brands are bringing back classic shoes left and right these days, and we couldn’t be more stoked. Below are 10 shoes that—in my opinion—need to be brought back. While some of these brands might not be around anymore, it still feels great to let the nostalgia flow.

Although none of these shoes mentioned in this list are currently available in rereleased form, you can still grab reissued versions of the Lakai Staple, DC Lynx and DC Legacy on our site right now!

10: The Reason — DC Shoes

There are iconic shoes and then there's The Reason, a silhouette that would do some serious numbers right now.

9: Fade — Lakai

2018 would be all over this Lakai classic. Even if we could only get this colorway, we’d be good.

8: Soca — Lakai

While I could live if any of the other shoes in this list got “modernized” upon their hypothetical rerelease, I beg Lakai to keep the Soca exactly the same if it ever gets to see the shelves again.

7: Ellington — Emerica

Anybody who owned a pair of these knows just how good they were.

6: Hamilton — Adio

Does the Hamilton really need a description? I could paste a fire emoji here and be done with it.

5: Arto 1 — Etnies

Man was this a great shoe… If you skated a pair of these, chances are you purchased another pair down the road, or even graduated to the Arto 2. These things earned every last bit of their spot on this list.

4: Theory 1.5 — ES

WARNING: The only way the Theory 1.5 should be bought back is if it still includes the strap. That is all. Scroll as you were.

3: Vallely — Etnies

If anybody at etnies is reading this, in the event that the Vallely IS brought back sometime in the future, please keep the puff level the same. None of this “Vallely Slim” business. We want the puff! Thanks!

2: K3 — ES

Don’t hate on me too hard, Internet, but I think that a rereleased K3 in this colorway could outsell any other shoe on this list.

1: CM901 — Circa

Aside from the obvious answer of boomboxes and tank tops—oh, and that iconic scene from Tony Hawk’s Underground—when I think of Chad Muska, I think of the CM901.

BONUS: Half Cab II — Vans

With this shoe's 20-year-anniversary coming up next year, the world can only hope that Vans is planning on releasing a present-day version of the Half Cab II to celebrate.



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