TBT - Chris Cole New Blood Article at Skatepark of Tampa

TBT - Chris Cole New Blood

Posted on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 by Stephen

In my opinion, the only Chris Cole part that could come close to matching up with his New Blood part is his part in Strange World, simply because of how rad it is to see him and Tom Asta going clip for clip in a shared part, and the fact that they skated to a Jeezy song in a Zero video. Other than that, New Blood will always take the cake. Not for its now “classic Zero feel” and the level of nostalgia it brings to the table, and not even for the 360 flip battle down Wallenberg that had 12-year-old kids all across the world trying to kick their board as far as Cole when they couldn’t land something, but simply because of the fact that this part is, for lack of better words, super good, and it always will be. Check it out below.


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