2018 Back To School Bash All Ages Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2018 Back To School Bash All Ages Contest Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 by Chris

It's the last SPoT All Ages contest before you go back to school, and it's also one of the hottest. I think there were more kids puking than last year. At least we had some kombucha and ice treats out in the courtyard to keep everyone from passing out. Here are some photos from the day...stay tuned for Tristan's edit coming soon.

Photos: Josh Bowser & Brooke Gaias
Words: Josh Bowser & Chris Preston
Video: Tristan Mershon
Tim Gasiorski - Tre Flip the Hip before the festivities begin
The 8 & Under Division kicked off first. Here's Legend Lopez with a Smith Stall.
Huge shoutout to the team at Cool Zone for providing icey cold treats all day!
If you were here in this heat, you know how good one of these Cool Zone ice treats was.
Dominic Ribock came all the way from Virginia to skate this contest...thanks dude. That's a Boardslide.
Kerstin Brown was killing it in the girls division : Backside Flip
Elijah Allred : Front Feeble
Ultra Slappy Wax was set up in the courtyard and helping people get their slide on. That's Courtney Block and her mom...they're at just about every all ages contest I can remember.
Thanks again for coming out, guys.
RJ Paz : Smith Grind
Nash Barfield is getting really good : Front Board
Nash's mom always brings their dog to these contests. Maybe some kind of good luck charm?
Zion's dad Mustafa Wright was in the house bringing good vibes and rhythms.
Adrian Jimenez : Front Blunt
Nick Cordano : FS Nosegrind
After we blew through the first 4 divisions, it was time to give out awards and throw free product at you. 8 & Under Results
Congrats to Hunter Bushouse, 1st Place 8 and Under!
That's Nathan Escobar. His mom brought him here with their whole family to skate his first contest. He didn't place in the top three, but she ran out and bought him his own 4th place trophy, so of course we had to get a photo. Yeah Nathan!
It was so hot and everyone was skating so hard, that a few fell victim to the heat and puked during their Jams. Luckily the clean up crew was there to handle it.
These kids don't wanna hear nothing but two words: "Product Toss".
We took a break after the first round of awards...let's check out what's going on the courtyard. There's this stuff called Kombucha that everyone's into now. Not my thing, but kids were drinking it like water. Thanks to Big Easy 'Bucha for giving out the free bottles.
As always, Boards for Bros was stoking kids out with art projects, free skateboards and great vibes.
Hungry? The Bricks had you covered all day with some killer BBQ.
Future Girls Division rippers.
I'm seeing more and more of these mohawk helmets around the park. That's Greyson Farrell and his mom. Thanks for making it out on such a hot day.
Ok back to the contest and the 16 & up division. Austin Butler : Back Lip
Aaronn Depaulis : Bluntslide
Matt Savidakis : Switch Back Tail
“ Hey Cub, pretend you’re DJing…”
Sponsored Division wouldn't be complete without SPoT's own Marse Farmer. Frontside Flip
Keenan Lewis is another loyal lurker that we watched grow up here. Now he's straight ripping the Sponsored Division. Definitely a crowd favorite. Gap Front Blunt
Alex Szlabonyi : Gap Front Feeble
Alex followed up his run with a crazy ender…Puke onto the ground, next to the Garbage can...Perfect
Billy Lipphardt and crew came to rep Valrico.
That's Jackson and his mom from Apollo Beach.
Miles Mckinney : Noseblunt
Tampa Timmy : Stalefish
I feel bad for anyone that gets in Chuckie's way...he goes about 1,000 mph around the course. Here's a frontside blast.
Followed by an invert...
...and a back tail. Damn, Chuckie.
When Zion Wright's dad gives you advice, you listen. Mustafa sharing some wise words with the youth.
Kris Clayton : Back Smith
Keenan Lewis : Alley Oop Backside Air
...and a perfect back noseblunt. It's style like this that helped him (spoiler) take 1st in the Sponsored Finals.
Sponsored Results - A huge thanks again to everyone that came out and all our sponsors... especially Big Easy 'Bucha. See you at Harvest Jam!


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