A.Skate Autism Awareness Clinic 2018 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A.Skate Autism Awareness Clinic 2018 Coverage

Posted on Thursday, September 13, 2018 by Chris

Thanks to the A.skate Foundation, we had an incredible day of skating, food and fun at Skatepark of Tampa for our Autism-Friendly Skateboarding Clinic. Crys Worley (A.skate Founder) was on hand to inspire the volunteers and the new skaters. Volunteers and local supporters took care of everything the families needed to have a great day and as a bonus, (thanks to Boards for Bros) participants got to keep the equipment to carry on their skateboarding therapy at home. Thank you to Artista's Cafe Food Truck and Autism Awareness Shop for joining us. We can't wait for next year! Video courtesy of Resurgent Fire Films.
Photos: Josh Bowser
Words: Michelle Box & Chris Preston
We started the day by getting a lesson from A.Skate founder, Crys Worley on how to interact with the kids.
Michelle is the glue of our Boards for Bros charity and helps put all these events together.
With your donations throughout the year, we're able to assemble completes to give to kids like the ones we were teaching today.
There's nothing like seeing these kids' faces when they get a board of their own.
Artistas Cafe brought the tea and coffee (and breakfast) for those of us who got here early. Thanks guys.
Boards for Bros wouldn't be able to function without the help of our volunteers. Big ups to these ladies for the help today.
More volunteers helping to make the day a success.
Inside the Pro Course, the clinic is underway with skate coaches helping kids with autism find their rhythm on a board. Some of these future rippers caught on pretty fast.
The Autism Awareness Shop & Thrift Store does some pretty rad stuff - go check them out at autismawarenessshop.org.
What's better than getting your own board? Customizing it with some artwork.
The hottest job of the day goes to Michelle's husband Joel, (who also helps with Boards for Bros) and Crispy, who has clearly let the heat go to his head.
Thanks for keeping the hungry people fed today.
That face says it all.
Think the volunteers are enjoying this?
A proper setup.
Every year we get a new animal suit for someone to wear for the day skate in all day. Keep in mind we are still pushing 95% humidity on a good day in Florida, so the fact that they don't pass out is a miracle. Panda Kris gets the award for 2nd hottest job of the day.
Our fallen homie Matt Woods aka "Bald Eagle" would've had a blast at this event. Each year we do these in his honor and make sure he gets repped on every board.
Thanks to the staff at some of our local Vans retail stores for pitching in today.
This might be the best Mall Grab photo on our site.
Sometimes it takes a little bit of adjusting to find that sweet spot.
Sitting is how we all started and it still feels good.
This week on Nat Geo...
That first roll down the bank can be pretty sketchy...
KKR helps this girl find her balance.
...I think she found it.
Schaefer has some of the best facial expressions. We need to have a gallery of all of them on the site. He might be the boss, but he turns into a big kid at events like this.
For the parents of these kids, sometimes just getting them to smile at the end of the day is the biggest reward.
Josh: "We need a trick in the panda costume" Panda Kris: "Oh word?"
Panda Kris: "Alright Bet".


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