Tampa Am 2018 Friday Open Qualifiers Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2018 Friday Open Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Saturday, November 10, 2018 by Chris

The first official day of Tampa Am starts with Open Qualifiers. That means they aren't officially qualified yet and need to skate an extra day to make it in. Congrats to Brazil's Vinicius Costa on picking up a straight shot ticket to the Semi Finals tomorrow and to all the top 10 skaters that advanced.

Photos: Bart Jones
Let's get this thing started!! Look how fired up these judges are!!!
I don’t think we should make puns about Hurricanes in Florida anymore, shame on Sebastian Tucci for taking one into the park.
Austin Hufnagel set things off proper with this Hail Mary Head Spin.
Bruno Borgheri has got all the staples, that is if you consider a Hardflip Back Lip a staple??
This is the portrait of Sunny Suljic they didn’t use for Mid 90s.
Austin Zito takes a trip into the upside down.
Sponsor Obligations.
Semi-Birds Eye View of Halaman Campos’ B/S 180 Nosegrind
We’re backing Tiger Balm and vice versa, that stuff works!
Hermann Stene got that FS Nosegrind on the big QP.
Team Japan knows to get in good with the filmer.
Lester Cepero nails the Biggie Front Board and then follows thru with Biggie Front Blunt.
Grind For Life.
From Roll-In to QP, Greyson Beal knows the procedure with a BS Smith Grind.
The Snozberries smell like Snozberries.
Giovanni Vianna with a Bluntslide up n’ over.
No Saved seats.
Chris Colbourn thinks he’s a vert skater now.
DJ Wade gets a kick of the Auxiliary Channels clap test.
Far from a 1st rodeo, Jack Olson tracks down the Switch Feeble.
SPoT is an international hub for skateboarding.
Tampa Staple = Alejandro Burnell.
South Bay Staple = Jared Cleland
They all good but you can’t touch Wallman! I mean Niko!
Maurio McCoy goes straight to the Finals but ain’t so quick to get lazy.. brushing up and honing skill on the daily.
Hollywood Martinez is a great name.
Sora Negishi ends the night with a Hardflip Backside Nosegrind.
Congrats to Vinicius Costa taking 1st in Open Qualifier yesterday! Stay tuned tomorrow for total coverage of total hysteria!!!


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