Tampa Am 2018 Converse Concrete Jam & SPoT Anniversary Party Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2018 Converse Concrete Jam & SPoT Anniversary Party Photos

Posted on Thursday, November 15, 2018 by Chris

Saturday night at Tampa Am, we celebrated over 25 years of SPoT with a ripping Converse Concrete Jam and packed out the Transitions venue with some live music and an after party that burned down the house. Check the photos.

Photos: Bart Jones & Josh Bowser
People showed up, always a good sign.
Steven McKaig gets things poppin’ with an Invert over the door.
Eli Williams has been known to flail an air or two in his time.
Bill Weiss and Kyle Randall twinning.
NHS Champs and Legends Joe Perrin & Steve Troullos.
That Pedro Delfino is soo hot right now!! Front grind Gap To Tailslide.
The panel was having a good time.
Wouldn’t it be nice to fly like Daymein Hertenstein?
Jenkem journalists in their natural habitat. Ian & Alex
This Boneless is no joke! Lindloff is gnarly!
Had some issues with a couple numb skulls standing in front of flash.
Cedric Pabich keeps the doorway dwellers stimulated.
Concrete Jam OG Steven Pineiro Front Feebz the doorway.
Brian’s goin rate for the night was 40 bux, by the end of night his new nickname was “Forty Dollar”
Jake Wooten with the One-Foot Kick.
Look how hyped that dude in the background is on the shotguns.
Scissor my timbers, Cedric comes thru with 3rd place overall, easy peasy.
Cedric puts a plant up on the sill.
Jake takes it all in with his 2nd place troph.
Jake decorates the new shelf with a Tail-Stall.
Congrats Jake on catching that croc!
After a really gnarly hangup, Roman Pabich flipped a switch and proceeded to destroy every corner of the Concrete Course he could find, turning into some kind of higher form of skater. Afterwards he floated up to the top of the Quarterpipe on a cloud of smoke and took this pose.
Roman Pabich in the Bone Zone all night.
Congrats Mister Pabich! Don’t spend all that money in one place, or do..either way!!
Last but certainly not least Jake Yanko Pops out of a B/S Nosepick on the new addition for a cool 5 Grand. We’d make pun about no yank-out needed for Yanko but we won’t go there.. Congrats Jake!!!!
The Product Toss crowd was thick and kids were ready to catch free product before we even started throwing it.
Pedro Delfino & Chucky.
Time to become a SPoT Life star Roman.
We kept the energy going after the Concrete Jam with some live music. The kids were going crazy; even Mante with his crutches.
DJ Topgun warming up the crowd before the first act.
First up were the duo known as They Hate Change. These guys have great energy together and were a perfect way to start the show.
The ladies were really feeling it…
...or maybe they were just feeling this guy.
Deezy Wee the Reaper was up next. This dude has some serious intensity in his act and the crowd responded accordingly.
Jay was into it for sure… and that pretty much capped off the night. Thank you Converse for another epic Concrete Jam, and huge thanks to all the performers that kept the crowd hyped all night. See you at the next one!


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