Tampa Pro 2019 Practice & Industry Contest Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2019 Practice & Industry Contest Photos

Posted on Saturday, March 2, 2019 by Chris

Friday at Tampa Pro is always pretty chill, but it's really the best day because everyone's rolling in, showing love, and getting ready for the weekend. Old faces and new come out of nowhere and it's like one big, open session. Of course it wouldn't be SPoT style if we didn't have some kind of contest, so we let the old Pros and Industry heads shine in a street contest / bowl contest towards the end of the day. Check out some photos from that and get ready for Qualifiers today. We'll be streaming live, right here on the site.

Photos: Bart Jones & George Goldberg
Upon arrival you will be greeted by a friendly vigilant man that goes by the name of Gabriel, whom will inform you about survival and strategies to get thru the thick jungle brush that is Tampa Pro 2019!
Here Comes Trouble...
Shawn Hale puts it on for the blog with a No-Comply Tailslide.
Tents intact.
Joey Shigeo and Kelly Hart do their best Brian Schaefer impression.
BA took an early morn stroll.
Sebo Walker holds down the SPoT tent.
Nick Tucker caught the Mardi Gras bug.
David Loy with a Low/High/Low Nosegrind.
Action Shot!
Why did Clive bring his parents? To watch the Industry/VIP Contest .. Duh!?!
Not Tato Feliciano’s 1st rodeo; Tato wrangles a Foot-Plant on the shelf.
There was some discussion that Nick Matlin is too good for the Industry Comp. but when he busted out this wonky Madonna with misplaced footing about a foot off the board we knew he was in the right place.
Not sure what Mike Tallone is doing here, but we’re into it nevertheless.
Josh Friedberg has been doing these Friedberg Pop Shuvs since 92
Come up Fakie, Stall a 5-O, Pop Down.. Alex Foy is good.
Bob to Fakie.
Paul Zitzer goes Tonya Harding with a lace/shoe issue.
Upon the judges approval they give Paul a second chance where he nails this Smith Grind.
Ira Ingram takes a break from skating curbs for a flail and catch FS Flip situation.
Fresh off a Hammer Smashed Face, Dan Rogers one of the undisputed Boardslide Champions takes one up n’ over.
Congrats to Nate Alton on taking the win!
Next order of business, Old Man Bowl Jam. Jimmy The Greek gets things popping with a high-octane FS Five-Oh Grind.
Safe to say some folks showed up...
Schaefer: The Microphone Fiend.
SPoT Pro - Anthony Furlong in the house.
When Pros become judges...
We should've hired Weiss to announce a long time ago.
Dan Rogers Yung Dan (Jeremiah) Rogers both killed it in the Bowl Jam!
Joshua Yoshi Neal may have placed 9th, but he won 1st place in best Viking outfit.
Joshua Yoshi Neal goes Full Viking with a wild Big Heel.
When are you going to get to see Eric Dressen skating a bowl contest?? Only at Tampa Pro.
Thomas Kring takes the win with a Noseblunt.
Congrats Thomas!!!!
Nothing like some cold hard cash for tricks...


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