Transitions Art Gallery Shows Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Transitions Art Gallery Shows

Posted on Monday, June 20, 2005 by Rob

Reason letting the SPoT locals know what's up
The Evens with Ian MacKaye performing in some brutal heat due to the size of the crowd back there
A couple weeks ago, there was a music video filmed here. The band is the AKA's and they're from NYC. You can catch them on the Warped Tour as long as you're not hanging out at the SPoT tent getting thrown out of the joint
The Gravy Records crew: Denny Vega, Buck Tooth Will, Paul, MP, and Ghost
This is Breakdown. He's got some mic skills. One other nice thing about the shows here is that you have a nice crew of ladies hanging out that otherwise would have no reason to come to the Park
Transitions Art Gallery Shows
Words by Rob Meronek, Photos by Rob Meronek and Matt Welch

I wouldn’t put any stock in an opinion from a musician about something as complicated as brain surgery or software engineering, so I don’t know why a lot of them think their opinion on politics involving millions of people and cultures matters. Somehow, too many musicians have decided that they’re experts in this very, very complicated field. That’s pretty much my only complaint from the last two shows I checked out back in Transitions Art Gallery. You don’t see people going around dropping their opinions on the intricacies of the medulla oblongata and current research on the best practices for surgery involving that part of the brain because they know damn well they aren’t educated enough to discuss that. But when it comes to politics, everyone’s their own expert and unfortunately it’s spilled over into many talented artists’ music, including some clueless film makers. I personally can’t stand it.

Outside of that, we had two great shows here this weekend. Ian MacKaye was here with his girl on Friday. They’re The Evens and sound nothing like Ian’s former band that I have all the lyrics memorized to – Minor Threat. 200 people back there in that small room completely cashed the air conditioner, which made it brutally hot back there, but people seemed to not care with The Evens playing. Ian’s got some political opinions that I plugged my ears for.

On Saturday, we had the first hip hop show in Transitions and it was damn good. Buck Tooth Will and crew had the place going pretty good, although the crowd was a little thin due to this being the first show. I was definitely feeling this one dude named Breakdown. Even he had a political song about Iraq that I had to tune out to, though. Update: Click here to check out a sample track from Breakdown.

Check for the latest in what’s happening in the Gallery.

A few photos Matt Welch and I took at the last couple of shows are on your right.



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