Tampa Am 2019 Practice & Bowl Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2019 Practice & Bowl Jam Photos

Posted on Friday, November 8, 2019 by Chris

Tampa Am practice heated up quicker than a car in a Florida parking lot yesterday, with skaters from all over the world in town to showcase their skills. After the dust settled, we headed to the 2nd warehouse for a proper ripping bowl jam, which got shut down by Jake Yanko, Jake Wooten and Rio Batan Matienzo.

Photos: Bart Jones
26th Annual Tampa Am!! Come On In!!!
Keyaki Ike gets that Jet Lagged Nosegrind.
DJ Cub got dat clean line control.
Dezmin Lane notorious for his lofters.
Due to his Punk Rock straight edge status Dave Malinsky let Vern in.
Mike Piwowar makin’ sure he gets that traction with a Switch Front Blunt.
Japan up in duh muhfuggin house!
TV star and brother of famous model, Woody gets KF FS Noseblunt.
The Pool Room's got A/C.
Jake Odle says he doesn’t wanna be the Tuck Knee guy.. welp okay fine..you can be the Alley-Oop Chicken Wing Guy!
Black N Yellow.
Dezmin Front Rocks the new edition.
Whoa dude look at those bearings, Derrrrrr…
Pop! Blast! Catch! Bruno Silva Tres the big part of the box.
Henry being a bad impression on the kids…
See look what you did to Zion!!
Love a good head of hair.
Always nice to meet a fan.
Cedric gets the bowl jam started with a Floater over the hip.
Jimmy Bueno's 180 Fakie 5-Oh into hip was straight Fuegz.
Dezmin again!
It was a real shit show.
Looks kinda wild, but its a make!
Where some stall the ledge, Rio goes above and beyond.
The Blunt To Fakie is straight bonkers but Bart Jones could probably do it, just saying.
Yes yes we all know the old joke Jake Yanko doesn’t yank out..yada yada. but yes this the Back Nosepick Pop In was a sesh sealer.
This was suppose to be a photo of Sam Bellapanni and it got photo bombed big time by these clowns. Top 3 with Paul sitting in for Jake Wooten.


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