Tampa Am 2019 Bowl Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2019 Bowl Jam Photos

Posted on Saturday, November 9, 2019 by Chris

Only one thing to do after a long day of practice and that's an epic bowl jam. There were far too many people ripping to list them all, but Jake Wooten, Jake Yanko and Rio Batan Matienzo ended up being the standouts and took home some awards and cash.

Photos: Bart Jones and George Goldberg
Always nice to meet a fan.
Cedric gets the bowl jam started with a Floater over the hip.
Jimmy Bueno's 180 Fakie 5-Oh into the hip was straight Fuegz.
Dezmin again!
It was a real shit show.
Looks kinda wild, but its a make!
Where some stall the ledge, Rio goes above and beyond.
The Blunt To Fakie is straight bonkers but Bart Jones could probably do it, just saying.
Yes yes we all know the old joke Jake Yanko doesn’t yank out..yada yada. but yes this the Back Nosepick Pop In was a sesh sealer.
Safe to say that people were hyped...
Zion Effs is one of our favorites.
Put Schaefer and Alex Johnson on the mic and you've got instant hype.
Thank you PBR for keeping the drinks flowing.
The crowd was loving the insanity.
Jake signs a fan's board.


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