Tampa Am 2019 Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2019 Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, November 11, 2019 by Chris

Another epic Tampa Am is in the books and for the second year in a row, Japan took home the win. Congrats to Kairi Netsuke for an incredible run that earned him the top spot, and everyone that made it into the Finals...you guys rip.

Photos: Bart Jones
Filipe Mota has a Feeble Biscuit with some wavy gravy for breakfast.
Lotta guys left puke on the course, Justin Sommer kept it civil and just left a F/S Flip out there.
Camo Kablammo, Wesley Borges Nollies into an Overcrook.
Becker Dunn with a Back Truck Balancing Act.
PAF Proper As Fuck Front Crook by Jorge Simoes.
The Monster Peeps easily and quickly learned the language of Schaefer.
Filipe Mota wearing that green representin’ the Monster Army!
More PAF for Jorge, this time with a Tre.
Pet Friendly and ready for Finals!
Becker gets it poppin’ with a Switch Front Feeble.
Justin Sommer shows off to the Face Tat chick with a Fakie Flip Down the Four.
Yeah we got the rafts but lets face it if we set up a pool that thing would get toxic real quick.
Jhancarlos’ Gap Noseblunt on the big part was insane!
Daiki Hoshino bridges the gap between Japan and Tampa with a KF Frontboard.
Rowed up from the toe up, Dominick Walker Kickflip Back Overcrooks.
The name of the game really is just goofin’ and having a good time, even in the finals.
Frazier dreams of Nosegrinds over the doorway and Domo emulates accordingly.
Coming down like a heavy hammer from the heavens, Gabryel Gaps To Bluntslide.
Wesley Nollies in.
Bruno Senra had his first White Claw this weekend, but Hardflips?? He’s had those forever.
Flatspot Magazine, in duh house.
Jorge also goes the distance.
Austin Heilman goes up n over.
Keyaki Ike started his run off with a Switch Heel Frontboard, weird flex but okay.
And, yes CBDMD has doggie treats.
Kairi Netsuke did pretty good ; )
After Kairi mopped up the course with Heelflip tricks, Toshi and Brian mopped up the park in a more traditional sense.
He done did it.. you go boy!
Daisuke Hayakawa keeps bringing these kids to Tampa to annihilate!
Then he hoists them onto his shoulders!
Time for Thanks For Nothing Awards, Big shout to the Medic Mary.. she might just save your life!
Huge thanks to cbdMD coming on as new sponsor with a great product!
Gigantic Thanks to Monster Energy for having our back forever!
Thanks and Praise to our own Chris "Cub" Preston for doing all the artwork this year.
Jake Wooten is the Speed Killer for life!
Very glad to see Clint Beswick is doing okay after an insanely heavy slam, The Mob ‘G’ for Effort goes to him to say the least!
Concrete Beasts: Jack Winburn, Clint Beswick and Jake Yanko.
Congrats to Domo on becoming the new Boards For Bros Bromander in Chief, you’re a legend Dominick!
Wesley takes the Zumiez Destroyer Award, but then again the way he was waving that thing around might've been a bad idea.
Wesley earned it tho with crazy ass tricks like this Nollie 180 Switch Front Feeble.
Becker might have finished last in Finals but don’t forget he’s our Damn Of The Year, not many can ever say that!
Congrats to Jorge on Finishing in 4th, very nice!
Austin keeps The States in the game with 3rd place, thank you for your service!
Congrats Austin!
Keyaki Ike might've been one trick away from winning this thing, until next time..2nd will have to do.
Congrats Keyaki!
The new Heelflip King and Tampa Am 2019 1st place Winner, Kairi Netsuke!!
Congrats Kairi!
The Posse!
Another Tampa Am for the books, Thank you everyone and everybody!!!


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