Tampa Pro 2020 Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2020 Finals Photos

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2020 by Chris

Another Tampa Pro in the books and this one was on a whole other level of crazy. Congrats to all the award winners this year, and a special thanks to all the ladies that signed up for the Women's Open. See y'all next year!!!

Photos: Bart Jones
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Golden Ticket winner winner chicken dinner, Alex Midler gets in early for some practice.
Hina and Yumeka came all the way from Japan for this, of course they’re excited for Women’s Finals to start!
Samarria Brevard with a pic perf Crooked Grind.
Samarria is a real one.
Ana Rendon, Frontside Lip.
Ana also gets her Kickflip on.
Gabriela Mazetto steps it up for Finals with a few tricks, like this Front Feebs.
The Crook was on lock.
More Gabriela.
That is not a small KF Frontboard, couldn’t quite pull it in run but sick nevertheless.
Margielyn Area Didal coming thru with classic swag on a Nosegrind.
Check the arm steez on a 50/50 Kickflip Out, its a make!
Margielyn, we love your energy! Congrats.
Also got the grind Tre Flip out too.
Qualifier and Semis 1st Placer, Yumeka Oda Front Feebles one of the many rails.
All eyes on Yumeka on a FS Nosegrind.
In first all weekend but slipped to 2nd last min.. but no biggie! Congrats Yumeka on second place!
One more of Yumeka, KF Front Board.
Hina Maeda bumps to Feeble.
Does Hina have tranny skills?? Hell Yeah Hina does!
The first ever Tampa Women’s Open winner. Hina Maeda!
Congrats Hina!
Your Women’s Open top 3.
Big shout to all are sponsors slanging in the courtyard.
Free swag to be given away awaits!
For instance free CBD samples!
Mmmmm… Yummy yummy CBDMD gummy!
Kelvin Hoefler storms thru the Semi-Finals with a Gap Backside Noseblunt Slide.
Willy Santos with his lil miniature parking block.
Jean Luc drove solo cross country just days before contest to get a piece of the action.
I put Wesley Box with Smokey Rodriguez & Ryrey from Dinokale just for the hell of it.
Question is who’s gonna win that Zumiez Destroyer Award today!?
Just look at it! In all it’s glory.
Cutting Stuff with this thing is fun.
Big Rich ready for these Finals to start.
Manny Santiago bounces over the box like a tennis ball over water.
Last years winner, Carlos Ribeiro Still gettin his grind on.
Multiple time winner over the years, Luan Olivera still popping n locking.
New pro for Marc Johnson’s company, Dashawn Jordan Tre Grinds.
Southbay Powerhouse. Mason Silva pops up to Lipslide.
2nd place Golden Ticket winner, Maurio McCoy revs one up with a lofty Kickflip.
Like a How To video, Maurio shows the crowd how to Kickflip into anything.
After time but Kelvin’s Gap To Sugarcane was epic!
Midler looking wild but it’s a make! Gap Back 270 Noseblunt Slide.
Nyjah hardly messed up as usual.
Hey Mannnn the machines are already taking our info! Mineaswell give it out for some free cbdMD prody!
1500 MG of this stuff is good!
Lizard King really likes it!
Board for Bros picked Andy Anderson as their Chief Commander this year!
Jamie Stone takes the Rodney Johnson Spirit Award, for all our fallen soldiers out there.
The first Just For Showing Up Award goes to Chris Carter for all he’s done for skateboarding.
The next one goes to Rob and Jeff representing Converse, thanks for your help!
Then our own Andrew Cannon got one, and he’s all “whoooo meee?!”
Then Gavin Denike joined him for his award and also paying the behalf of NHS; thanks for all your help!
Thanks to Joey from Monster for helping make all this happen!
Lizard and Duffel came up on behalf of our thanks to cbdMD.
Then Lizard grabbed the mic to give us a little piece of his mind.
Remember that Destroyer Award from before? Yeaaa Midler got it!
Congrats Midler!
And there he is spinning’ one more time.
Mason Silva took home the Bronson Speed Killer Award.
Consider it a bonus from your already standing sponsor. Congrats Mason!
With all the trick battles throughout the week and giving it his all, David Loy gets the Mob ‘G’ For Effort award.
….And then there was your top 3.
Congrats Nyjah!
Jah kno’ what the f**k goin on! Thank You and much love everyone; another one for the books.


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