Tampa Pro 2022: Friday Practice Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2022: Friday Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, April 30, 2022 by Matt Shail

Friday's practice is in the books. Here's a look back at what went down.

Photos by Matt Shail & Josiah Portillo
Always good to start the day off with a beer from The Bricks squad
Starting the day off barefoot with Winkowski
Back feeble from Brandon Turner in front of the judges.
Textbook front board to back it up
Ish reppin' the Gas Giants squad with a nollie crook across the ledge.
Big flip front board from Berger. Flare on the deck is nice and artsy
Maurio can kickflip into any trick he wants - as seen on this kickflip front 50.
Pinched back over crook from Kairi
Stefan sighting!!!
Shuv front board from Kairi
I love a good back noseslide. Especially when the guy doing it is Brandon Turner
Back 5-0 warm up from recent X-Games winner Yuto
Casual switch front feeble from Yuto
This one was hard to shoot. Check Jake's IG for the clip - 270 lip
Brandon Valjalo was locked in at practice. Front blunt for the announcers.
Lucas hanging out in the bleachers before hitting the course
We had a packed warehouse for Friday practice which was a nice change of pace!
Yuto was doing this nollie frontside flip over the hip every try.
Chris was the only one ballsy enough to hit the pole jam grinds on Friday. This polejam nosegrind pop over was so sick!
Matt Berger kickflip back lip for the fans in the back.
Another fine example of Maurio kickflipping into everything. Kickflip crook this time around.
Jagger Eaton hopped in midday to get used to the new course. Back blunt every try across the center piece rail
Back noseblunt from Maurio
Shout out to the Ride Nature gang for coming out again and helping us clean up the park. After everyone leaves they get the squad together to sweep, mop, and maintain the grounds. Thank you guys!
Jacob and The Bricks squad serving up cold drinks all weekend.
Rain or shine the fans are comin' through!
Leo posted up with water
Florida's own Jamie Foy has entered the group chat.
I think that Vincent has been wearing my favorite outfits. I suggested we give an award for best dressed, but Zitzer asked who would sponsor the award.
This one may be hard to make out, but crook nollie flip from Kairi.
Full cab heel is crazy, but landing it every try is even crazier.
Jamie back smith pop over.
Check the SPoT Life video for this one - switch tre lip to regular from Yuto
Jamie always knows how to get himself out of a pinch.
Kickflip back lip from style god Tommy Fynn
Jamie wasn't a fan of the crease at the top of the bank and hit it with some tape to make it smooth.
It's hard to time a nollie flip crook photo, but that's what Felipe did in this one.
Jamie right when he caught the kickflip into the front blunt.
Micky Papa brought the balance on this back nosegrind.
Alex had stuff to do so he bounced out mid practice.
Dustin is a legend. Backlip across the ledge.
This is my favorite photo that I've got all week. Yuto switch heel front board to regular.


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