Tampa Pro 2022: Qualifiers Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2022: Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Sunday, May 1, 2022 by Matt Shail

Despite the broadcast going out and water creeping in under the doors, we managed to make it through the Qualifiers on Saturday

Photos by Bart Jonesl & Josiah Portillo
Ride Nature had it going on at their tent. Tech Deck vert ramp was a hit with the kids!
Stoked we were able to get Lucas Beaufort decks for Tampa Pro 2022 - check out this collection of autographs!
Angelo Caro was on point throughout the day
Axel warming up with a back tail on one of the favorite obstacles of the weekend.
We don't even know what to call this one and we aren't sure Andy does either!
This might be the exact moment we realized we had to move the concrete jam into the bowl.
Carlos pinching the coping into the China bank
Felipe Nunes with a textbook front feeble near the judges stand. They definitely didn't miss that one!
GT sighting. Don't miss it.
We had TVs setup all weekend playing back some classic SPoT Life episodes from years' past.
Jaime was the talk of the weekend. If you were here he definitely left an impression on you in some shape or form.
I can't remember where I heard this, but someone said Jamie Foy is the prince of pinch. Very fitting.
He's also the prince of skating fakie and switch too
The locals know our 30 year anniversary is around the corner and got the old Liberty spikes going strong.
Cab warmed up for the weekend in a different way - with his guitar for the Urethane show on Saturday night!
Jake Wooten has front blunt pop out into the bank on speed dial.
Jake was the only guy all weekend skating the China bank to rail. 270 lip was insane and effortless.
"Mooooommmm... Do I HAVE to shoot photos at Tampa Pro?"
We don't give out awards for Best Dressed but we should.
We saw a lot of these, but Vincent has a beautiful back over crook.
You would think Jaime Mateu just left a boxing ring after every run he dropped in on.
Felipe with the pinch
Look! It's a picture of you! Our beautiful fans.
"What do you mean I am not supposed to snake people?"
Bump to Feeble from Mr. Nunes
Grabbing a beer before Indy Best Trick starts!
Ride Nature had everything for kids - including spray paint!


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