Tampa Pro 2022: Madness Bowl Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2022: Madness Bowl Jam Photos

Posted on Sunday, May 1, 2022 by Matt Shail

The rain took the contest indoors this year. That didn't stop MADNESS from happening all night on Saturday.

Photos by Bart Jones
The rain did a number on the outside courtyard. Skaters and fans alike took cover under the awnings to escape it.
Prepared for rain, but make it fashionable.
Vincent took a break from the board and picked up the Sony
Steven Pineiro full speed backside over the hip.
..and he comes back frontside and blasts this kickflip in my face
Vincent locked in
Never forget to wear your chain to the Madness Bowl Jam
Nosegrind over the hip from Vincent
Vincent mirroring the nosegrind through the corner
Steven Pinerio was bringing the madness all night!
What stance is this man!? Tampa Pro 2023 we gotta make him choose one!
Motion on these photos make this night look like a blur. Vincent holding on over the hip.
Local Miles McKinney hopped in the mix!
Jake Yanko also came through. What's good Jake!
Jaime was talk of the weekend. I said on another photo that he looked like he left a boxing match - this is looking more like Wrestlemania.
This isn't a popular one on the wall. Front smith from Vincent
Jake looks like he is surprising himself with this one.
Jaime yanking a front blunt back in.
Rocco taking a break from working retail to put a beating on the wall.
Cash Money Vincent
Again, Jake looking surprised for landing this one
Surprised to see Jaime drinking something that is hydrating
Jaime thanked his grandma for the W
Jaime and Weiss about to go on a bowl killing spree
Jaime left the Madness Bowl Jam with $1000!
Obligatory Zitzer mean mug.
Your Top Three: Jaime, Jake, Vincent
Dave Duncan was the man of the hour on the mic. See you on the concrete next time!


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