Tampa Pro 2022: Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2022: Finals Photos

Posted on Saturday, May 7, 2022 by Matt Shail

The 28th Annual Tampa Pro is all wrapped up. Here's a look back at our historic finals on Sunday.

Photos by Bart Jones, Matt Shail, Josiah Portillo
Angelo Caro signature tre flip lipslide
Stands were full all weekend!
Felipe Nunes nosegrind for the judges
Ishod backtail in his new signature shoe.
Same trick, different stance - this time from Axel
Checking in with Social Media Manager Matt Shail while he edits Jamie Foy's photo from Indy Best Trick
Can't believe there wasn't a hip in the course for so long. Axel hitting bolts over it.
Signature back noseblunt from Alex Midler
The return of Luan!
Another back tail from Axel. This time on the bump to ledge.
Luan checking in with a fan in the courtyard
Luan practicing some kickflips before his next run
We said it in earlier photos of Maurio. He can kickflip into anything!
Here he goes again!
Felipe Nunes 50-50 backside flip was DIALED in
Kickflip lip from Chris Pierre Jacques!
Name someone else that has switch back tail down a circle rail in the middle of their Tampa Pro semi-finals run on lock down. Don't worry, we'll wait...
Shout out to Volcom for the tees to Keep Tampa Stoned. I wonder if homie knows the medium sticker is still on his back? Hopefully someone told him!
Jake Ilardi says big flip front board is no thang.
Front blunt pop over into the bank going mach-10
Back 180 nosegrind to regular from the man himself Jamie Foy
Jamie Foy taped the seam of Skatelite so he could hit this rail fakie all weekend.
Carlos goes the distance on a 5-0
Nyjah made his flight and this switch flip front board
then came right back for the kickflip back smith
Vincent owns this bank to China bank. He had kickflip every try!
Jason Information working on one his famous reels for semi-finals
You can almost see how hot it was in here!
All smiles and mall grabs from Vincent
This is the one that sealed it for Jamie. Front crook to front feeble to end his winning run.
He knew he won.
Switch flip back tail from Felipe
Nollie flip crook was not an issue for Felipe
Nobody else was heelflipping into tricks like Kairi Netsuke. Heelflip front nose is quite the manuever.
Well there was Yuto heelflipping into front boards...switch
Let's look at one more kickflip from Vincent
Lance Conklin taking a little nap upstairs before we announced our finalists.
Nyjah with a textbook front blunt on the ledge
These goggles are sick. Who is this guy?!
I lied, here is another look at Vincent's kickflip into the China bank
Kickflip front lip from Vincent for the judges to end his finals run.
He didn't roll away from it, but Alex Midler almost got a gap to back noseblunt on the rail. It was INSANE
The best part of Tampa Pro is standing up here and looking behind you to this sea of people waiting to see who won the contest.
The comedy never ends with Taylor Clark.
Brian thanking everyone for making Pro happen. We couldn't do it without you guys!
Thanks for showing up Dave!
Big shout out to Joey and the Monster crew for the support over the years.
Thank you for playing with Urethane and supporting SPoT Cab!
Caballero's speech was very touching. Thank you skateboarding!
We love you Lucas. Thank you for coming to SPoT and being so involved all weekend.
Brian was smitten after this smooch from Booki
Lucas loves the people and the people love Lucas!
Skatelite really hooked us up this year. Thank you so much to the team for resurfacing our course.
Michael Blanford and the Boards for Bros crew getting ready to name their Bromander.
Travis didn't know what to say with the mic, but his face said it all. Your 2022 Bromander is Travis Monroe!
Shout out to Santa Cruz for hooking us up with completes to give away during the webcast!
Dashawn didn't leave empty handed. 1,000 bucks from Mob's "G For Effort" Award!
It's not an award show without Brian throwing the winners' cash into the crowd
Chris won the Speed Killer Award from Bronson!
Myles, Dylan, cash raining down on the crowd. This is what it's all about!
Zitzer wasn't a fan of Brian with a charged up sawzall
Leandre destroyed the entire course in both stances and that's why he left with the Zumiez Destroyer Award
Andy Anderson did the darkslide heard around the world right after Indy Best Trick ended. This landed him the Skater XL Trick of the Weekend
Two of Powell's finest. Cab & Andy
12th place for Mr. Rabelo!
Yuto just won the X-Games Street Finals and STILL finished top 12 at Tampa Pro a week later - 11th overall!
Midler gapped this pyramid in the finals and then stood on top of it to claim 10th overall
Axel came out and crushed the contest. 9th place overall!
2019 Tampa Am winner Kairi Netsuke left with an 8th place trophy
Tampa Pro 2019 winner Carlos Ribeiro bounced out with a 7th place trophy
All smiles from Kelvin. 6th place for the man
Great to see Nyjah in Tampa again. Took 5th overall after taking off the contest last year
Felipe's career started here and certainly isn't ending here.
Felipe's father sold their family car and brought Felipe to America to skate in Tampa Am 2007. Felipe was unheard of and won the contest - now Felipe Gustavo is a household name. The two of them joined the stage to claim his 4th place award together.
Felipe threw his board into the crowd so we got a photo of the dude that caught it!
Time to name out top 3. Jake Ilardi was hyped being part of the 2 Florida skaters to hop on the podium.
The crowd was PUMPED!
Vincent, Jamie, and Jake hug it out before the top 3 are announced
Jake Ilardi is going to an SLS Wildcard Round to compete to be the next SLS Pro!
Jake took 3rd overall! Closer to the top!!
The anticipation was killing us. Jamie and Vincent holding on before we found out the 1st and 2nd place winners.
The love was strong on this day. Let's go!
Your Tampa Pro 2022 Winner: Jamie Foy
You can't win without being showered in champagne.
Celebratory sips from the podium
Jamie basking in the W
Until next year!


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