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Busch Gardens Demo

Posted on Wednesday, January 2, 2002 by EVENT

Skatepark of Tampa New Year's Eve Busch Gardens Demo

The Skatepark of Tampa Team has sold out once again and performed yet another demo. This time we took over Busch Gardens, the epitome of "corporate," and we're proud to say that we celebrated safe and had a great time. Thanks to all of the spectators that were there and to the Busch Gardens staff for accommodating our needs. Check out the photos below.

Abdias passing out free stuff during the demo.

OK, so the product's not THAT free. Abdias trades a kiss for a sweatshirt.

Curtis Valentine backside 180's the barricade. (950k video)

Curtis Valentine lipslides the barricade.

Daniel Elek boardslides the flat bar.

Matt Giles about to land into a 5050 on the barricade.

Matt Giles KF-FS-BS (830k video)

At the end of the night, safe, sober, unexcided and waiting for midnight. Ryan, Mike D, Lori, Mrs. Clements.

Matt Seemen backside tailslide on the barricade.

Brian Sloane crooked grinds the flat bar.

Brian Sloane nose slides the barricade.

Tommy Presley nose grinds to 180 out on the flat bar.

Tommy Presley feeble grinds the flat bar.

Tommy Presley 5-0's the flat bar.

Tommy Presley backside Smiths the flat bar (1.1MB video).


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