Tampa Pro 2023: Independent Best Trick Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2023: Independent Best Trick Photos

Posted on Sunday, March 5, 2023 by Matt Shail

It's Tampa Pro and it's Saturday night, let's kick the party off with a Best Trick Contest sponsored by Independent!

Photos by Matt Shail
The crowd lines up in anticipation of the Independent Best Trick contest on the center piece
Packed o downstair and upstairs on the bleachers too. Let's go!
The Pros are little more organized than Ams when it comes to Best Trick. Everyone waits on the roll in and takes their turn so they don't smoke one another
Vincent Milou kicks things off with a casual 3 shuv back smith
Dilo follows it up on the hubba with switch 5-0 switch flip out
Fans were bringing the stoke all night for Indy Best Trick
Giovanni Vianna throws a fakie biggerspin lip in the mix
Kairi Netsuke went after this one for a while and did it just about as good as you possibly can. Heelflip front crook big spin out
Frazier and his son Reese were posted up in the corner. Frazier was posting the best angles of every part of the contest on his IG
Blake went switch on the bank to bank the entire contest. Switch backside flip, followed by this switch big flip, AND THEN switch back 3!
Jack Olson warming up for the flip out on this switch front blunt
Standing in the line of filmers waiting for those precious clips.
One of our favorite filmers, Frank Branca, celebrated his 37th birthday over the weekend. Happy birthday Frank!
Jamie Foy brings the fakie 5-0 fakie flip out to play and lands in 5th
Congratulations on 5th place Jamie!
Back blunt to nose blunt from Giovanni Vianna
3rd place for Giovanni. Congrats man!
Fakie 270 back tail bigspin is a mouthful, but is also what it takes to get 2nd place for Lucas
Congratulations, Lucas!
The man of the hour. JP Souza with the nollie heel front noseslide nollie big heel out for the W
Everyone knew it was over after landing that one
Hugs for JP as he approaches the stage to claim his prize.
Congrats on the $1,000 nollie heel front noseslide nollie big heel out JP!
The Indy Best Trick Contest was over, but that didn't stop Jack Olson from landing this switch front blunt switch flip out after the buzzer!


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