Tampa Pro 2023: Friday Practice Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2023: Friday Practice Photos

Posted on Saturday, March 4, 2023 by Matt Shail

Tampa Pro 2023 starts off with our annual Industry VIP contest followed by a day of practice going into Saturday's Qualifiers.

Photos by Bart Jones
Oh!! What a nice way to start this epic weekend! Thomas Kring brought us pastries and coffee!!
…And he’s got a special lil’ surprise too.. Shhhhh, don’t tell no one!
BC knows how to start off the VIP/Industry contest properly as well.. Clip a diving board to bodyslide!
There it is BC!!
Mike Rogers catching some cope as well!
The pros come to check out what all the hype is about.
40 years old, dressed like an 8 year old, Leandro De Andrade gets his Crook on!
Should dudes over 40 be jumping down the rail?! Don’t matter.. Playas gonna play, Alexander Sobral gets his piece.
When trying to win over the judges, eye contact is key!
Mike Rogers ridin’ on spinnaz. Guy knows how to put on a show!
Apparently Dan Lundy didn’t get the memo that you should suck more in the VIP comp.
Nick Merlino checkin’ it out, but also keeping it lowkey.
Leandro back again with an A-Framed Front Board.
Contest royalty: Rodil Jr. captures it all.
Mike Rogers embodies what this contest is all about, and closes it out with a classic Front Rock.
Congrats to these guys, They’re having a good time!
Alright! Let’s get these old timers outta the way, and give the pros some practice! Chris “Cobra” Cole wastes no time and blasts a Switch Frontside Flip down the medium/big 4.
Eli Williams eats pieces of shit like this for breakfast. Lien Air, just crusin’ around.
Christian, in the action, getting those ‘dope’ angles.
Popup, grind, 180 in, Jagger Eaton knows how to pull together a line.
“Hey boss, how many stickers you want on this?! All of em!? Okay, Gotcha!”
Don’t kink that sticker!
Kenny Stanley shows us how to catch a proper Pop Shuv.. High and Tight!
David Loy puts on the pre-game show, with a hefty Gap To Lip.
Matt Shail aka the trashman.
Tyler Pacheco pops one up top to Backsmith.
Real OG’s! Pete Eldridge and John Montesi could probably still hold their own out here!
Fresh Off the Pro Party Bus, Justin Sommer blasts a Frontside Flip.
What kinda fuckin’ name is Bowser anyway??
Dane Burman has taken these next few handrail photos:
Cobra with an always proper Back 270 Lip, Dane… got your shadow in there a little bit.
Give credit where credit is due.. Proper timing on this one Dane, of David Reyes, Tre Lip.
Pretty good Dane, but you got Jake Braun’s Barley a ‘lil crooked.
Good timing once again of Aaron Herrington’s Front Shuv 50/50, but the photo is making us a bit dizzy.
Lil Elfy Uncle Sam!
Trent McClung, getting those trucks just right for tomorrow's Qualifier.
Great day, Good turn-out! Congrats to Robby Hargreaves on winning that VIP/Industry Contest!


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