Tampa Pro 2023: Saturday Qualifiers Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2023: Saturday Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Sunday, March 5, 2023 by Matt Shail

An internet outage causing contest delays didn't stop these pros from duking it out over the top 30 spots in Sunday's Semi-Finals.

Photos by Bart Jones
Mic check 1,2. 1.. 2; let's get this thing started!
Evan Smith might have gotten second to last place, but who gives a shit when you got Frontside Nosegrinds coast to coast like this.
Antonio Durao got 68th place, but once again.. Who gives a fuck, when you got street grabs like this.
Ishod keeps it classy with a Nollie 180 Switch Crook.
Brian talks shop with this year's artist: Matt McDole.
G’s Up, Hoez Down.. TJ Rogers, stomps a Switch Pop-Shuv.
The goal for the day was to get a photo of Brian Anderson, and all I got was this ½ ass photo from across the park : /
Chitown Powerhouse, Timothy Johnson, catches a Nollie Heel.
SPoT ride or die, Mike Rogers, does what he does best.. Skateboarding and helping people with cancer.
This obstacle was meant for Ben Nordberg, Kicky Backlip up top.
Jack Curtin 5-ohs up the rail…. Oh my bad, I mean Switch Front Nosegrind’s down the rail ..just as sick!
Aaron Herrington rides the wall, while Jack asks him to smell his armpit.
Whoopsie Doodle! Lil collision on the course! Suck it up and help em up!
Maurio McCoy ain’t no stranger to this game… Nollie Flip over the bump to bar.
Lil’ Dodgy for a still photo, but Cookie Polejam lateshuvs, while the birthday boy, Frank captures it all!
No Excuses!! Felipe Nunes gets his Nosegrind on.
Taylor Clark asks the hard hitting questions.
Long live the pinch! Braden Hoban locks n loads on a 5-Oh
Vincent Milou fakes us out with a Kickflip Shifty.
Switch Front Blunts like this for Jack Olson are a fuckin’ joke!
Daewon double fists while Lance points towards the heavens.
Manny announces Am and skates Pro, Nollie Flip Back 50.
Andy Anderson puts it on for the crowd and gets dizzy on some hydro.
Spotted, trying to get that Koston & Andy photo.
No stranger to the contest game, Daisuke Ikeda FS Flips the bump2bar.
Good form mate!.. Good Form!! Marcos Montoya, navigates a Backside 180 Nosegrind.
Alec Majerus pinches a loaf of a Front Crook down the thee rail.
Everyone wants a piece of Daewon's assss.
After winning the Olympics, Yuto still has no qualms about continuing to visit this ole’ crusty warehouse.
There’s always that guy that gets a bunch of photos, this year it’s Angelo Caro.. with the elusive Switch Front Salad no less.
Please leave in the comments… do you like the non-lit Tre Noseblunt slide from this angle??
…Or the lit one from this angle?? Or neither?!
Let's take a quick HAIR break from Angelo Caro.
Last one of Angelo with a whopper of a Gap Noseblunt Slide!
Congrats to Felipe Gustavo for qualifying first!


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