SPoT Team Roadtrip - Atlanta - Thomas Taylor Memorial 2023 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Team Roadtrip - Atlanta - Thomas Taylor Memorial 2023

Posted on Monday, May 15, 2023 by Matt Shail

The SPoT team hits the road to ATL to celebrate the life of Thomas Taylor with Grant Taylor and the Stratosphere family at Fourth Ward. It wouldn't be a roadtrip without some hijinx and street spots along the way. Tap in to see what went down!

Video by Jason Malley | Photos by Josh Bowser & Matt Shail

Peter jumping for breakfast on our first day in ATL
New SPoT team addition, Dylan LaBrake, with a quick Front Board to back up Peter
Good clip Pete
Myles blasting a Three Flip with no warm up at Fourth Ward for the Thomas Taylor Memorial
We all got to donate towards the production of the Thomas Taylor memorial tees. Check 'em out!
DJ Carruthers just started working at the park and didn't hesitate to hop in the van with the boys. Here he is with a Kinky Boardslide
Peter with a burly Sugarcane on the big wall.
Had to take advantage of the Smokey the Bear photo opp.
The Westside Crew came thru to show love and support for Thomas Taylor. Always a pleasure gentlemen.
Another ATL legend in the mix - Jed Davis. Always good to see you Jed.
Grant held up his board and said "you know why you're here!"
Then proceeded to front slash going 1000 mph
Gotta get your deck right with some Stratosphere barcode stickers!
Shuvs rocking the Strangelove TFT shirt in memorial <3
Dale the Dog
More posi vibes at the DJ booth with John Cardiel!!!
New Deal pro and Westside founder John Montesi and Bobby Boyd of the Dickies camp posted up
Keen One, Fred Reeves and Jeremiah Babb were in attendance spreading the love.
Cardiel was playing vinyl Roots and Reggae all day long. Thanks for the good vibes!
Marlow and John Cardiel. Pretty sure I shot so many photos of Cardiel that he got bummed out.
Mmmmm free nachos….
Pedro Delfino frontside sighting
Brian paying his respects to Thomas Taylor. Thomas was a staple of the Atlanta skate scene and a true legend throughout the world of skateboarding. We are skating for you today ||||TOM||||
Grant with another Frontsider for the crowd
Pedro and Cody Chapman pondering their next move
Ronnie Sandoval was floating around too. Sick to watch him skate in person.
SPoT team Peter Kryger got $40 from Matt and $20 from Alex to do this one over the twinkie.
ATL love!
Triple OG photographer Mike Burnett was snapping all day. You may remember him from a little publication called Thrasher.
Pretty sure this is what Mike Burnett was shooting - Grant with a phat melon over the volcano.
What does it all mean?
Cody Chapman was in town ripping. Nose Grind Tail Grabski
Pedro Delfino full speed into the corner of the bowl
Everyone enjoyed free catering thanks to Grant and the Stratosphere crew. Thank you for helping us soak up the booze.
Marlow’s camera paid the price tho…what is that? Oatmeal?
Buddy Nichols. If you don’t know, Buddy is half of Six Stair Productions, the guys that made the epic Anti-Hero video ‘Tent City’ among other great skate videos.
Another view of the image of Thomas and the beautiful bouquet of flowers on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!
Front Slash bruh
Brian and Bobby Boyd oh my!
Buddy fucking Nichols in the bowl. I was hyped.
Grant in the classic ATL barcode tee. Iconic
Grant was in proper form all day.
Always a pleasure to see Justin Brock, especially in his natural habitat of ATL
The only Grant signature I saw that day <3
Patlanta - Frontside Grind
Brian showing some love to DLX legend Mickey Reyes.
This man had his Spitfire Cardiel rolling tray signed by Cardiel himself. Legend
Dropped by the huge Thomas Taylor piece to pay our respects before hitting the streets.
What’s a trip to Atlanta without a quick stop at Black Blocks? Dylan - Crook
Wes - Front Crook to back up Dylan
Keenan - BS 180 Fakie 5-0 which is the most insane trick to do especially on something so tall!
Wes - Impossible into a well known piece of Atlanta crust. This one sealed the deal on our street mission.
Pete lost his board trying to save Wes’ board and Marse went down into the sewer to save it. Real teamwork right there.
Gather round to watch the clip boys!
SPoT crew cinematic shot before hitting the road back to Tampa
That's a wrap! We love you Thomas!


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