One Minute With Ryan Gallant Article at Skatepark of Tampa

One Minute With Ryan Gallant

Posted on Friday, September 16, 2005 by Mark

One Minute With Ryan Gallant
Words By Jason Maxwell
Photos by Matt Mecaro

Is Rico’s Taco shop the reason you don’t leave S.D.?
Yes...and that’s the truth.

How long do you use shoes, decks, and wheels before you replace them?
Shoes- 4 days max
Decks- 3 days
Wheels- like a month. I don’t like getting my fingers all greasy so I never change my wheels.

I heard you kickflipped El Toro? response.

How many days a week do you 4:20?

What was your first trip to California like?

Random Plan B Stuff
What’s your favorite trick and spot?
Nollieflip / g-spot

Is it more fun to be on the road touring and traveling or at home doing the regular routine?
I do more on the road, but I’d always rather be home.

When you and P.J. go skating do you push each other to learn new tricks?
No, he learned them all.

Which weighs more a ton of bricks or a ton of feather?
A ton of demos and homework.


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