Tampa Am 2006 Awards Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2006 Awards

Posted on Monday, January 30, 2006 by Rob

Tampa Am 2006 Awards
Independent gave out three iPods at the Contest. They went to:
  • Willy Akers - crowd and announcer favorite all weekend, most original tricks
  • Jared Lee - put his ankle on backwards, then put it back himself
  • Matt Fink - throat chop to fish out of water dying on the course
The top three in the Vert Contest - Alan Young, Alex Perelson, and Ben Hatchell
Mic-e Reyes - thanks for coming and here's some Manwich mix for you. I'll tell you where there was a manwich all weekend - at the judges/announcer stand. Every time someone had to walk by, you'd get the gayest manwich grazer front and back - lame unless of course it was a chick. I got a few boob grazers for sure
The top three - Cody McEntire, Keegan Sauder, and Willy Akers
Cody McEntire - warm champagne never tasted so good
Lance Mountain - thanks for coming
Cody McEntire gets the champagne shower after being announced as this year's winner of Tampa Am
Corey Duffel - thanks for showing up
Ashley Harrison at the bottom of yet another product toss pile. What's up with the bare foot cheeta pants chick?
Adam Dyet won the Zero Best Trick Contest. I didn't see the trick, but I'm pretty sure it was a nollie big heel back lip fakie. Chris Casey is hyped


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