Demos, Nightlife, and Random Other Crap Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Demos, Nightlife, and Random Other Crap

Posted on Thursday, August 24, 2006 by Rob

Demos, Nightlife, and Random Other Crap
Photos by Barak Wiser and Rob Meronek
Captions by Rob Meronek

I've been skipping town a lot so Barak has been snapping a few photos at stuff I miss like this one from the Vox demo. How did Adrian Mallory get into this position and what exactly is he doing? I think it might be an ollie over to hurricane, but Clem said he witnessed it and it is in fact a frontside 270 to backwards smith - a sugarcane

Emmanuel Guzman gives the kids what they want at demos - stunts! This is a kickflip over Adrian. Adrian should have lit himself on fire for added entertainment

This Hooters waitress was compensated to drink a glass of beer, lots of salt, a nice layer of ketchup, some blue cheese, and some ashes. She slammed it like a champ

Ian Gow is frontside flipping at the Vox demo

Ian Gow is varial heelfliping at the Vox demo

We started the night by attempting a repeat of our recent successful Wu Tang sting operation. This one didn't quite work out

So instead we went back to Tampa and joined the ruckus with the Innes crew post-demo

Jose Rojo - backside 180 nosegrind at the Adio demo

Jose Rojo - kickflip front board at the Adio demo

Did you make it into the product toss photo?


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