Flip Feast Demo at SPoT Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Flip Feast Demo at SPoT

Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2006 by Rob

Flip Feast Demo at SPoT
By Rob Meronek

It's hard to take photos at a demo, or maybe it's just the dude behinds the lens. Here's some not so hot photos from the Flip Demo this past weekend. Thanks to the entire Flip team for showing up on time and tearing the place up. They are true professionals - rock stars that don't act all rock star.

This is the first time I've seen Shane Cross in person. This is a frontside pop shuv up the step up

I bet Nyjah Huston is already taller than David Gonzales here. This is a frontside flip up the step up

Geoff Rowley ripped the entire time, but I missed most of the good stuff. This is a 360 flip

Geoff Rowley crooked photo, crooked grind

Eric Fletcher - that's how your hardflips should look

Shane Cross of course had no problems on this rail. This is a frontside noseblunt slide

Arto Saari and the etnies Team Manager provided the mic entertainment during the demo

Mark Appleyard even looks good just rolling around

Rodrigo Tx - hardflip up the step up

There are at least two real photographers in this photo of Shane Cross doing a front feeble that got a way better photo than I did

This photo sucks pretty bad, but I just thought the whole world should know that Bob Burnquist HAS A TRAMP STAMP!

Mark Appleyard can nollie crook this rail easier than you and I can use it to walk down the stairs with

There are more and more people doing nollie big spins on tranny. This is David Gonzales on one

Rune Glifberg - ollie up to back smith

Thanks to everyone that came out

Kids everywhere were fanning out on the whole team. Me, too. Rune Glifberg is my favorite vert skater

Aaron Brown bailed a switch backside 180 that popped his board up and hit him in the jaw. It's now wired shut for a couple months. Ouch. I could use a diet like that though

Brian Schaefer and Lance Mountain. We should have made them both pad up and skate vert

So after the demo, things got a little loose in the moat with this full on chick fight getting started for a little bit of money and free skate product. Yes, there are two girls in this photo. The other one is inches deep in poop mud underneath. Yuck

Ok, there she is. Damn girl, let her up for some air at least

Ok, she can come up for air, but first you gotta' spit out a mouthful of diseases that haven't even been discovered yet

Yeah, it went on for quite some time

Everyone was very entertained by the poop wrasslin'. Oh and it was freezing out, too

Oh well, I'm in the moat, may as well relax and enjoy. Ahhhhhh

Crack kills

Guess which one was the winner

That's Floris from Flip. He works in Marketing, one of the better positions in the sketchy skateboard industry. He's copying my photos. Wait until he gets back to his office and finds out they all suck. Sorry about that Floris

Mark Appleyard did this alley oop backside nosegrind way cleaner than this one that I shot a crappy sequence of

Mark Appleyard - nollie big spin back tail. Next time I'll back up a little before shooting yet another bad sequence


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