Just Push Play!

Posted on Thursday, March 28, 2002 by Barak

Dear Barak,

What is the best skate video to get. I've heard that the CKY videos and Tiltmode are good but I don't know. Alot of people have said that The End was good. What do you suggest?


John Hadden

My Reply:

Dear John,

If I were going to compare all of these videos to each other, it would be the old “apple and oranges” thing.

CKY is not really a skate video. It has skating in it, but what makes it great are the antics of Bam and his insane group of friends. It's basically the MTV show, Jackass, rated R, with some sick skating after every other comical skit. I recommend this video and all CKY videos for viewing at parties if you are 17 or older.

The TiltMode Army has put out two great skateboarding videos, Man Down and the original TiltMode. They are packed full of amazing skating and few skits that are brief, but funny. These guys have fun with skating, no doubt about it. I give both of these videos “two thumbs up.”

If you haven't seen The End, you're missing a part of skateboarding history. This video has set certain standards in making a great skateboard "movie.” It will be talked about for the rest of our skateboarding lives. The End had one of the biggest budgets for a skateboard video ever.

I read in Tony Hawk’s book that Heath Kirchart and Jeremy Klein went over budget in their part of the video. They blew up a van, destroyed private property, lit themselves on fire, and played dead millionaires in heaven with porn stars, video games, and matching black Lexuses. Oh yeah, they're skating was entertaining as well. Just about every skater in this video did some acting and had creative input for their non-skating scenes. I could go on and on about each part, but you should just watch the video. Oh yeah, this "movie" has an all-star cast featuring Tony Hawk, Andrew Reynolds, Rick McCrank, Bucky Lasek, Jeremy Klein, Willy Santos, Jeff Lenoce, Heath Kirchart, and Steve Berra.

I suggest you get all of these videos and start a collection. Each one individually is a video that you can watch over and over again.