Mystic Cup 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Mystic Cup 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic

Posted on Monday, July 16, 2007 by Rob

Mystic Cup 2007 in Prague, Czech Republic
Contraband is burning all around me. A contact buzz is making this stale fish look way sicker than it really is
I'm seeing trails right now. I hope someone put something in my drink
This guy has the same problem that Gravekian has where his back foot comes off on lien to tails
Every bowl jam has to have a padded up stink bug grabbing tyke in it
Rob Meronek approved meron grab
Danny Cerezini - switch back lip
Baby Lamb - kickflip footplant on the fire hydrant
Neal Hendrix - cab heelflip
This dude has the huge snaps on nollies
Who dat? I'm feeling The Predator because he does a lot of tricks without grabbing his board
How come there aren't any Element boards that say US and A?
Some fully grown men still do stink bugs
Remy's photo of this crail is much better
The only thing higher than the audience blazing all this dope is Sandro Dias. Wow, look at that backside air
I was feeling this guy, but I can't remember his name. This is a front feeble on the bump to rail
The crowd was huge and very enthusiastic
Ricardo Olivera can catch a giant 360 flip easier than we can catch a cold
This dude is the king of the ride way with extra steez. He rips, though. He cracked his head on this switch bsts during the Jam but then got back up and did it
Evelyn was the only girl I saw tossing herself down the big rail. Best Trick was too crazy, so I don't have any usable photos from that
P-Stone bet me a beer that he could drop in and nosegrind on the vert ramp first try. He piled but I still bought him a beer anyway
You know how some people just look a little creepy where they might have body parts in their freezer? This is one of those dudes. He rips on vert, though
Can't remember who this is doing a 540
I haven't seen Trevor Ward to Your Mutha since he used to live with Clements years ago. He's ripping. He was doing proper switch frontside bonelesses, but I missed the photo
This kid is 15. He's got a good 540 and was skating the ramp like a grown man, not the kind that do stink bugs
Dirty Bird got VIP seating on the deck of the vert ramp. That's Sandro on a back smith
This is Axel. Apparently, he's the Euro Ryan Sheckler. The crowd went into an uproar on every basic trick he did. They love the baby rippers. We'll be seeing him at AmsterDamn Am next week
That's a real concrete Jersey barrier that this dude is doing a back lip on
This is only half the crowd watching the Street Finals. It was packed
Dirty Bird posted up at the bottom of the rail for Best Trick
Our new friends from Copenhagen made the journey out to Mystic Cup. That's Nis Anderson who rides for Nike SB Europe. They call getting drunk "going to the fence." We took a lot of trips to the fence together
The Thrasher staff is hard at work. Watch for an article about our adventure over here coming out soon
A Euro condom with graphic instructions on how to use it
Wow, how about that Euro shrapnel? As if the fantastic cleavage was not enough to have you staring right there the whole time you're talking to her, you also got the peircing keeping your attention away from eye to eye contact
The mojito is a very popular drink at the skate park bar here. It's basically a salad with alcohol. Not my cup of tea. The bartenders, however...
There was a full on mini-Roskilde music festival going on in the back field of the skate park. This raver was rubbing a spaghetti strainer on his head to get a strobe light effect going. Nice shoes, pal
Euro horse tail - yikes!
P-Stone and I got lost for a bit to go and find our favorite sausage stand from last year. We finally made it back to the After-Party at the park a little after 4am. It was still full on raging with hundreds of people hanging out. Hell yeah
Look who we ran into at the After-Party. It's Karolina we met last year. I guess after hanging out with us last year, she's a skateboarding fan now. Of course, she now has the full Euro shrapnel kit going
Drunk people got on the rope swing and hurt themselves as usual
Duncan and Schaefer should have a skateboard rap battle on the mic
This watermelon turned into a smoking aparatus was at the bar available for anyone to use until some drunk dude came along and punched a hole in it
Foot fetish with Karolina
It's now about five or six AM and people everywhere are passing out, but there are still a ton of people keeping the bar busy
That's a really awkward cast. That's Cobra Hand Girl with P-Stone, Javier Sarmiento, and Roberto Aleman
Trashy Euro feet is not an uncommon thing
They're dropping like flies. Karolina and her eye candy are keeping me awake
Time for another drunk circle photo. That's Anne. She lost her friends so we became her new friends. DJ Duncan has the boom box
So now it's like 7am. Time to spike beers with Red Bull for another couple hours of hanging out
P-Stone has a mutant eyebrow strand taking over his whole head
I didn't even know this other bowl was at the park until Anne showed me
This is the best restaurant ever. I've eaten a t-bone here for the last four days in a row. The food here is really good
So we all ended up at the baby tower thing
This rail is at the bottom of the baby tower
And then there's this bank you can do stuff into
There's also a big scary hubba there
We had a fun time at this grass bombing spot at the bottom of the baby tower. Schaefer took some good spills


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