How Good Can You Make An Ollie Look? Article at Skatepark of Tampa

How Good Can You Make An Ollie Look?

Posted on Friday, February 1, 2008 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Tonight we continued our efforts from a couple weeks ago.

I'm waiting for the sun to go down right now. This is the University of Tampa downtown as seen from the round building across the river
I think there's maybe a five minute time span where the setting sun makes the sky look like this. I didn't get it together in time to take advantage
Here's an interesting problem. There's two kinds of light going on here (flash and the artificial street lighting), but you can only have one white balance setting. At this white balance setting, you can't even tell DMFP has brown pants on, but at least the orange haze of the street lights is minimized. He looks like he has the "Tampa Kit" on - black pants, black shirt, and black shoes. Also looks like he's been holding his breath for a week turning blue. I was a fraction of a second too quick on the snaps, too. Rockets to Russia
This is taken at the flash white balance setting. DMFP is getting blasted by the flash in this six second exposure so he's looking normal here, but the rusty orange haze of the street lights is now showing up real bad. I guess this is where you're supposed to start messing around with Photoshop. All I use Photoshop for is putting toilets on people. We are also lacking traffic in this one to make the trippy light streaks on the street. We'll be back to improve on this


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