A Show From The Other Boss Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A Show From The Other Boss

Posted on Wednesday, April 23, 2008 by Ryan

Says in a deep New Jersey accent, "Huh? You talkin' to me?" If you don't know Lil' Steven from the E Street Band, then you might recognize him from The Sopranos
So we had these special passes that got us into some room with like 50 other people and I marked-out a bit
Taking pics was sketchy because no cameras were allowed in the St. Pete Times Forum, but they weren't checking pockets at the door, so go figure. But I still had to dodge security and wait for the perfect moment to get a shot of The Boss. As you can see, we were right in the pit up there, super-close to the action
There are only two "Bosses." One is Andrew Reynolds and the other is Bruce Springsteen. This "Boss" has more energy, talent, and enthusiasm than any other dude on his level. Wait, no one else is on his level
By Ryan Clements

I got a call a few weeks back from Red Bull Sarah asking if I was going to be in town the week of April 21st because she had an extra ticket to Bruce Springsteen. I replied, "I don't know, but I'll fly home for it!" A few days before the show I come to find out that Sarah gave up her personal ticket so Jenna and I can go. Thanks, Sarah! We got there super-early with no idea of what to expect as far as seating went, but when we picked our tickets up from Will Call we were psyched!



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