Jetblack Jimmy The Greek Bad Penny Guest Deck in stock at SPoT Skate Shop

Jetblack Jimmy The Greek Bad Penny Guest Deck

A nostalgic blend of art and style, paying tribute to Jimmy "The Greek" Marcus. The rustic patinas of blue and orange of "The Bad Penny’s” riveted fuselage wrap the deck to the edges. The center, is a comic-strip-style illustration of the original photo. A vintage airplane, nicknamed "The Bad Penny," it recreates the iconic aircraft with Jimmy as the pilot of the plane once flew by his grandfather in WWll. This iconic plane became a legend among pilots, ripping into enemy territory and always bringing pilots home no matter the threat faced. This special re-release Pro Guest Model is a throwback of skate boarding's golden era with the legacy of a legendary skater. The spirit of "The Bad Penny” truly never dies as it lives on today on this special edition deck commemorating Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus”. The design is both a salute and a canvas, inviting riders to add their own chapter to the story it carries.
Color: Rustic
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