Party Time at Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Party Time at Maloof Money Cup NYC 2010

Posted on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

After a very hard working weekend, a lot of pro skaters and the grown up industry dudes posted up at the bar, stole some beer, and got a little loose. Brian's quote was, "We got back on the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team in one night."

This bar had a bunch of those curved bill jock star hats.
Floris quit talking about sweaty balls for a second and filled up the beer bucket with Guiness while the bartender looked the other way.
The bid'niss dudes at Zumiez are going to be looking close at Stu's expense report.
Skatepark of Tampa Party Team member and freestyler Don Brown.
Card carrying members of the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team: Lizard King and Adam Dyet.
Skater Profile: Lizard King
Porpe is his own party team. Find this guy on the mic all weekend with Vern at Damn Am Minneapolis.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel
Paul G should put the Party Team on live webcast for Fuel TV one night.
Carleton from Fuel TV.
I guess Schaefer was afraid of some cooties?
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Did you see Bryce Kanights' photo on the Apple site for the HTML 5 demo? They should have used this photo instead. HTML 5 - great for beer from a bucket.
Skater Profile: Bryce Kanights
After the bartender busted us stealing beer, she went ahead and joined in.
Matt Milligan!
Skater Profile: Matt Milligan
The scene at a New York Skate Photography Book Release Party where we somehow ended up.
Fuel TV needs their own party team. Ira and Paul G will be captains.
Skater Profile: Ira Ingram
Ryan Kingman, skateboard industry bid'niss titan.
Skater Profile: Ryan Kingman
More Fuel TV Party Team. I forgot your name, but it's cool, I forgot this photo was taken, too. Update: Derek Rinaldi!
Shad Lambert, skateboard industry picture taking titan. He's a big fan of many caterpillar lip variations.
Are these shot girls with that booze at every skateboard party now or what?
Tyler Bledsoe, how are you hanging out in the bar?
Skater Profile: Tyler Bledsoe
The big smile and personality is going straight to a show on BET. Of course it will be a hit.
Skater Profile: Terry Kennedy
Steve Rodriguez pushes around NYC.
Skater Profile: Steve Rodriguez
It was almost a full Skatepark of Tampa Party Team reunion with Justin Strubing there.
Skater Profile: Justin Strubing
Tommy Sandoval is also caterpillar cultivator.
Skater Profile: Tommy Sandoval
Good night, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team.


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