West 49 Take the Cake 2010 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

West 49 Take the Cake 2010

Posted on Saturday, October 9, 2010 by Ryan

Photos by Ryan Clements and Courtesy of West 49
Words and Captions by Ryan Clements

While Rob, Brian, and Jorge were in Hollywood, I flew up to Niagara Falls to help out West 49 with Take the Cake. With pretty much the best backdrop of any contest ever, the Falls were the precursor for the rain that lingered all day on Saturday. The entire Am ran on Friday, so at least we got to see some amazing skating:

1st – $750 & a spot in the Pro – Jon Consentino
2nd – $500 – Micky Pappa
3rd – $250 – Cameo Wilson
4th – Kyle Cheesequay
5th – Colin Findlater

So then on Saturday the rain came in during the early afternoon. We thought that there was going to be a short break, but that never happened. It was gloomy with steady showers basically all day. But every invited pro was a true team player and decided to play a Game of SKATE under a small tent for the few hundred people that stuck it out.

Thanks to West 49 and Eventsing for bringing us on board to help out. Judges Bob Reynolds, Mike Pragnell, and Ariel Stagni stuck it out in the rain and cold, and co-announcer Chris Pastras was entertaining as usual. Despite the lack of nice weather and considering the view of the Falls and overall good vibes, the event turned out to be as much of a success as possible under the conditions. Hopefully we’ll be back again next year.


We arrived late on Thursday night and Dune actually got over the border with just a CA Driver’s License. I have no idea how he pulled that one off.
Skater Profile: Chris (Dune) Pastras
It was cold, so our friends at West 49 gave us some loosely fitted, Canadian-gangsta-ass gear.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
This is something you might see in GaYbor.
The view from the roll-in was amazing.
This big three is no joke. Chaz catches a kickflip.
Skater Profile: Chaz Ortiz
And of course Chaz can kickflip into front feebles pretty much every try.
Skater Profile: Chaz Ortiz
When you have a first name as cool as Chima, why bother using your last one? Nollie bs flip.
Skater Profile: Chima Ferguson
P-Rod got his kickflip on during practice.
Skater Profile: Paul Rodriguez
Even though he wasn’t in the Contest, Matt Milla couldn’t resist a nollie over the rail.
Skater Profile: Matt Miller
The fakie ollie backside lipslide is always a good one. Paul Trep demonstrates.
Skater Profile: Paul Trepannier
Cameo Wilson was giving 110% and trying to win that top spot so he could skate against the pros.
Skater Profile: Cameo Wilson
Matt Berger won Damn Am Canada and Best Trick and then Am Getting Paid and Best Trick the following weekend. If he didn’t get hurt, he might have won the Am Division of Take the Cake, too.
Skater Profile: Matt Berger
Jon Cosetino getting his practice on with a switch frontside bigspin.
Skater Profile: Jon Cosentino
This is one of the biggest hardflips I’ve ever seen. Jon Cosentino has proper technique.
Skater Profile: Jon Cosentino
These kids were so psyched on Corey Duffel, and they should be because Corey’s dinner got cold when he was hanging with them.
Skater Profile: Corey Duffel
Who do you think eats more candy, The Duffman or Bob Reynolds?
Skater Profile: Bob Reynolds
Bob insisted on taking this photo of me. I have no idea why.
Skater Profile: Ryan Clements
The view from the restaurant at the top of the hotel was amazing. You can see the rain clouds building.
Like I said, most amazing backdrop for a contest ever.
It got colder as the day went on and by about 1pm it was lightly drizzling.
They had these homemade torches to dry the painted Masonite.
The crowd still had hopes that the rain would let up.
Superstar Game of SKATE with Sierra Fellers, Tom Asta, Brandon Westgate, Paul Trep, and P-Rod throwing the shakka.
T-Puds really wanted to smash this cake…I could sense it.
The next morning we rode the Maid of the Mist boat ride right into the Falls.
Bye-bye Niagara. See you next time. This was right before we crossed the border and drove to the Buffalo airport.
Buffalo? As in Buffalo chicken wings? Hell yeah! These were some of the best wings of all time.
Skater Profile: Chris (Dune) Pastras


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