14th Annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam Benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation Article at Skatepark of Tampa

14th Annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam Benefitting the Make-A-Wish Foundation

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2010 by Stalker

By Stalker Steve

We once again made our annual pilgrimage to Houston for the 14th Annual Johnny Romano Skate Jam this year. This event is awesome because it raises a truly staggering amount of money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Since the unfortunate passing of Johnny Romano himself, the former event title of Texas Skate Jam has been renamed in his honor. Everyone feels great about giving back and helping others and it's one of these feel-good weekends.

The day started with the eS Am Game of SKATE Finals with winners from the local Games from around the world in attendance. A little 10-year-old kid from Japan came out and killed it all day with a big bag of tricks, as well as Sewa Kroetkov from Holland coming over from Europe to impress with big pop.

Next up was the Bowl Jam where Tony Trujillo cruised it, and Evan Smith, Ishod Wair, and a slew of Houston locals destroyed. I think Raney is a Houston local because he murdered the bowl with airs and lip tricks, speed and consistency. Aside from him, Ben Hatchell almost whipped a 540 and Jaws flew around the bowl with smooth back tails. It was sick to see Robbie Russo back in action after his collision with Rune at CPH PRO.

After the Bowl Jam the eS Pro Game of SKATE took place, which ended in a heated and mind blowing game between Chris Cole and Ishod Wair. Prior to that there were games featuring Josh Kasper, Billy Rohan, Adelmo Jr., Jack Curtin and others. Ishod nailed it in the final game and emerged victorious.

After a short intermission for Chanel from Fantasy Factory to perform, we went into the main event: The rail jam down the Tranquility replica rail. Everyone slayed it with standouts being at least five tricks or more from Chris Cole, Sierra Fellers' crooks nollie flip out, and Evan Smith's nollie heelflip noseslide. It was a heated sesh to say the least.

At the end of the day everyone gathered around the pyramid for results and his is how they broke down:

eS Am Game of SKATE: Sewa Kroetkov

eS Pro Game of SKATE: Ishod Wair

Bowl Jam:
1st - Raney
2nd - Jaws
3rd - Ben Hatchell

Zumiez Best Trick (Tranquility Rail):
1st - Chris Cole
2nd - Sierra Fellers
3rd - Garrett Hill

Zumiez Destroyer Award: Ishod Wair

Vern Laird, Brian Schaefer, and Jeff Taylor collecting money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Skater Profile: Jeff Taylor
Jack Thiebaud collecting a ton of cash for Make-A-Wish.
This little guy Hunter competed in the Contest and his parents invited a crew out to their house for a big dinner.
Damian from South Shore's daughter had to come grab his award for all the support since he was busy holding it down all weekend. Thanks again for the hard work, Damian!
Top three for the eS Am Game of SKATE with Sewa Kroetkov (middle) taking 1st.
Skater Profile: Sewa Kroetkov
Ishod Wair was the Zumiez Destroyer Award winner.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
Top three from the Tranquility Rail Zumiez Best Trick: Garrett Hill, Sierra Fellers, and Chris Cole.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
All these people from behind the scenes make this amazing event possible. Thank you to everyone at Southside Skatepark, South Shore Distribution, the Romano Family, Deluxe, Make-A-Wish and everyone who came out.
The charity continued with a product toss. Kids were wildin'.
I can't even try to spell this Japanese Who Dat's name, but he slayed it in the Games of SKATE. Heelflip body varial.
This guy’s name escapes me, too, but he had some pop on his frontside flip.
Thanks to everyone for coming out.
Frosty held it down all weekend and Rob shot as well, but took a short beer break.
Skater Profile: Jason Fintel aka Frosty
Ishod Wair killed the bowl with this frontside nosegrind.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
Evan Smith was ripping. Frontside nosegrind fakie.
Skater Profile: Evan Smith
Thanks to all these companies for supporting such a fun event.
Not sure if this is a land or not, but Adelmo's hair in person is intense.
Skater Profile: Adelmo Jr.
Chanel performed for us. Schaefer was really hyped.
Chris Cole was on a rampage during the Game of SKATE. Switch front heel.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
This is some trick I think we can only call the “Cole grind.” It's an ollie over willy grind thing.
Skater Profile: Chris Cole
A filmer snaked me on the angle for my sequence so trust this still as a nollie heel noseslide.
Skater Profile: Evan Smith
Billy Rohan was winning practice all day. Kickflip frontside wallride.
Skater Profile: Billy Rohan
This was sick. Sierra Fellers on a switch kickflip shifty.
Skater Profile: Sierra Fellers


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