Tampa Am 2010 Awards, Nightlife, Randoms, and Credits Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2010 Awards, Nightlife, Randoms, and Credits

Posted on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

I wish I had more time to document all the inking. Norman Woods was one of hundreds who got some from Atomic Tattoos.
An ass tat gets all kinds of attention.
She got the tattoo artist's name done - Big Daddy Wayne or something like that.
My lil' homies and their Silly Bandz. This is the only legit one, though.
I wandered out to the bowl and found Donny Barley tearing it up.
Skater Profile: Donny Barley
I also saw Schaefer upside down in the corner. The look on Paul Zitzer's face is amazing. That's Schaefer's feet pointing up.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Evan Smith's kickflip reminds me of one of the best looking ones from the 90's. Remember Nate Jones?
Skater Profile: Evan Smith
Jeffrey Marshall ripped his way to the Finals looking damn good with tricks like this leveled frontside noseslide.
Skater Profile: Jeffrey Marshall
The Moat Race is about to begin. Load up with eggs and get ready for the first kid under the bridge.
Dude on the bridge was a little late with the ketchup shower.
The first dude out the gate gets it the worst.
Defeat in the Moat. What is that, a shoestring hip sack?
You're not welcome back in without first getting the hosedown.
We're now back inside where people are getting some incredible things for their first inking. This kid got "f**k it."
There was someone out there doing a live webcast with their phone. Can it get any more budget?
Thanks to all the filmers who worked on the plain old fashioned tape delay coverage.
A small portion of the snaking lineup for Independent Best Trick.
Irma Schaefer came to support her son who started this crusty skateboard hut back in 1993 and made it what it is today.
I know horse mullets still exist, but I never thought I'd see one anytime soon at the Park. Damn.
DJ Wade's MP3 lair.
Skater Profile: DJ Wade
Ishod Wair got the Gatorade Go All Day Award.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
James Craig and the Blind crew - thanks for the support and being on the judging staff all weekend.
Skater Profile: James Craig
Thanks to Elm for making these Tampa Am pieces.
Chad Cardoza put together the Thursday Night Welcome to Tampa Art Show Party.
Skater Profile: Chad Cardoza
The Pharmacy crew is the most live of the weekend.
Tyrone from LRG - thanks for always bringing your crew to what we do.
Jamie Thomas hasn't been to Tampa Am in a while. Thanks for coming, Jamie!
Skater Profile: Jamie Thomas
Thanks to Dakine for making special bags for Tampa Am.
Bryan Herman and the Pharmacy crew had a dance party at the awards when Cameo Wilson won Independent Best Trick.
Skater Profile: Cameo Wilson
Evan Smith was the Zumiez Destroyer this weekend.
Skater Profile: Evan Smith
Top Three: Elijah, Ishod, and Jon. Schaefer always keeps them in suspense.
Congrats Elijah!
Schaefer knows how to celebrate.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Literal crowd surfing by Elijah.
Skater Profile: Elijah Berle
Later that night, Alec Majerus was awarded Damn Am of the Year at The Bricks.
Skater Profile: Alec Majerus
My nightlife Saturday at the Anniversary Party was a blur. I woke up hungover on Sunday with these photos in my camera. I wonder if Reemo is a Superchunk fan.
Skater Profile: Reemo Pearson
When the night started and the dance floor was still empty, Misha Cracker and the Isralie crew were already in an all dude dance party on stage.
Skater Profile: Misha Cracker
Two V or not two V, that is the Tito question. I guess a double v-neck is a w-neck.
Skater Profile: Tito Porada
Filmer Joe Pelham, still working late into the night.
Skater Profile: Joe Pelham
Doug Fender is an old friend of mine that I loaned my Mouse VHS video to. I wonder if he still has that.
Pat Stiener aka D.B., Yonnie, and filmer Joe Perrin.
Skater Profile: Pat Stiener
Colin Clark staying sober so he can go home and work.
Skater Profile: Colin Clark
Cody Hale and his whole family were ripping all weekend.
Skater Profile: Cody Hale
Looks like Wes Kremer's camera budget had some cutbacks.
Skater Profile: Wes Kremer
George Cutright is the Team Manager at adidas. Thanks for bringing a crew of damn good skateboarders, George.
Skater Profile: George Cutright
I love hanging out with packs of orientals.
Skater Profile: Jimmy Cao
Jonah and Sturgill never have their mouths closed.
Parents hold it down in the club, too. Tom Blauvelt is like a Czar regular.
You can find Tom across the street from Czar in SPoT Skate Shop Ybor.
Dave Decker and I almost lost our voices screaming Clairmel lyrics. Well, maybe it was just me.
I think the louder you yell, the faster your beard grows. Ask Tom and Allen.
Skater Profile: Allen Russell
Clint Walker's crooked grind to nose manual on the small rail was amazing.
Skater Profile: Clint Walker
David Clark and Jake Donnelly are both celebrating getting beyond 100th place.
Skater Profile: David Clark
Rhino from Thrasher is looking for The Senator. Where'd he go?
Tim Zom smokes like a bale of weed a day. He's probably wondering why these silly American nightclubs don't allow it.
Skater Profile: Tim Zom
Jeff Lako's girl is showing me how to take a better self portrait. I can't feel my barface!
The toilet dude, Joey from Nike SB.
Clint Peterson, I don't quite remember hanging out.
Skater Profile: Clint Peterson
Definitely don't remember DJ Wade at this point in the night.
Skater Profile: DJ Wade
Who are all these foot fetish lurkers I'm rolling with?
Paul Zitzer, Rodent, and Wayne Schaefer - good night, see you at the next shidig.
Skater Profile: Paul Zitzer

Awards and Credits

We call these special thanks awards "Just For Showing Up." They were:
  • Nike SB
  • Gatorade
  • Red Bull
  • Dwindle Team - James Craig, Luis Cruz, Steve Black, Chet Thomas
  • Chad Cardoza and Kick Start My Art - Welcom to Tampa Art Show Party
  • Entire Pharmacy Team - Donnie, Jeremy, Brian Herman, Cameo Wilson
  • Daniel Haney - Danrail
  • Donny Barley
  • Jamie Thomas and Chad Forman
  • Tyrone from LRG
Honorable Mentions:
  • Atomic Tattoos
  • Anyone who got a SPoT tattoo
  • Moat Racers
  • The Bricks and the staff for putting up with you
Gatorade Go All Day Award: Ishod Wair
Red Bull That S**t's Tight Award: Brodie Penrod
Zumiez Destroyer Award: Evan Smith


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