Blind 21-Year Birthday Party and Todd Bratrud Art Installation Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Blind 21-Year Birthday Party and Todd Bratrud Art Installation

Posted on Saturday, March 12, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everytime I have a "responsible partying" type of night, I feel like I deserve some kind of reward. I barely got hammered, had a damn good time, and the only catastrophe was trying to lift Justin Strubing up which ended up with him pouring his own beer on his head when I dropped him. Sorry, Justin! Here's a dump of what was in my camera the next morning.

I found Mike Mo and the kids holding down the front door.
Skater Profile: Mike Mo Capaldi
Katherine's pouring at the side bar in Study Hall.
James Craig, Danny Cerezini, and the rest of the Blind Team put together a great video.
Skater Profile: James Craig
Pat Duffy put together a great Skatepark of Tampa Party Team.
Skater Profile: Pat Duffy
Shane O'Neill, on blast.
By the time I got there, the Blind giant 40 cake was in pieces.
Gear check on Filmer Joe.
Bratrud's work is amazing.
Mad Gansett going down.
Abdias trucked it here cross country with TM Sinclair, Nick Merlino, and Johnny Layton.
Skater Profile: Abdias Rivera
Felix and Kurtis on blast.
Skater Profile: Felix Arguelles
P-Stone has been wearing this shirt since Wednesday. He's dirty, but he's not afraid to clean.
Skater Profile: Preston Maigetter aka P-Stone
A small percentage of the population at skateboard parties is female.
Schaefer's Wiess tattoo and Weiss' Schaefer tattoo.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Pause for a foot fetish with some barefoots.
Lurk mode.
Lurk mode.
Skater Profile: Tito Porrata
DJ Wade and Fred Gall, not responsible partying.
Skater Profile: Fred Gall
Man this photo is crazy. I like how the tip of the smoke is the only other color.
Carlos Leon and the Outlook crew.
Skater Profile: Carlos Leon
Matt Milligan and DJ Wade, not responsible partying.
Skater Profile: Matt Milligan
Blair from Transworld, checkin' boobies in the chill cam.
Skater Profile: Blair Alley
Bro Bowl champ, Trey Palmer.
Irresponsible partying for sure.
Skater Profile: Tom Curran
Elijah has been hanging out all weekend.
Skater Profile: Elijah Berle
Get some Bones Wheels from Jared.
David Loy plus puppy means any women within 100 feet just get naked and throw themselves.
Skater Profile: David Loy
I can imagine what these two skateboard characters are talking about. Someone put speech bubbles on this photo.
Skater Profile: Paul Zitzer
Best bus boy ever.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Irresponsible partying.
Skater Profile: Kyle Berard
Skater Profile: Kyle Berard
The return of The Instigator.
I love the electronics light.
Skater Profile: Rodent ...
Responsible partiers?
Sasha and Tessa, Ybor locals.
Billy Rohan doesn't know these ladies. That's just how you pose for a party photo.
Skater Profile: Billy Rohan
Durke wants to be on the other side of the bar right now.
Skater Profile: Durke Schmidt
Hello credit card.
There's something magical happening here. I'll show you later.
Skater Profile: Allen Russell
Skater Profile: Bill Weiss
Thanks for the sauce.
Brian and Sasha, power couple.
Skater Profile: Brian Schaefer
Porpe, probably responsible partying also I'd guess.
Skater Profile: Jorge Angel aka Porpe
One woman dance party.
Dance party barge.
Skater Profile: Allen Russell
Some really exciting conversation with Paul Zitzer.
Skater Profile: Paul Zitzer
Luan and Kevin. Is Luan going to win the Pro?
Skater Profile: Luan Oliveira
Justin Strubing, sorry I dropped you like an AT&T call. I need to work out. That's Bobby Worrest, Luan Olivera, and Kevin Romar.
Skater Profile: Justin Strubing
Canadians Kyle and Weiss.
Skater Profile: Kyle Randall
Yeah we're on that party team. I might get kicked off for being responsible.
Skater Profile: Justin Strubing
Good night ladies. See you at the skateboard shindig.


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