Red Bull Mind the Gap Atlanta Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Red Bull Mind the Gap Atlanta

Posted on Monday, May 16, 2011 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Josh Stewart's Footage

People came in hot right off the bat with ollies and kickflips and this frontside flip here. Then it was kind of a lull for a while where it almost looked like not much was going to go down because no one was making anything.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Note for the next event: director's chairs don't work for the big dudes.
Skater Profile: Bob Reynolds
I heard Ishod saying he's not a flat gap type of guy. He bowed out of this one.
Skater Profile: Ishod Wair
Not sure if this dude ever made this hardflip. He later switched to trying a frontside 360 the entire time. He came close a few times, but it never happened.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Man, I should have taken notes. There was so much going on I can't remember names or even if this switch flip was made. I saw him come real close several times, though.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
This dude had a crazy looking kickflip over it.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
About half of the line-up ready for a clipping.
CJ Tambornino started with a switch frontside flip over it.
Skater Profile: CJ Tambornino
Connor Champion - switch frontside 180.
Skater Profile: Connor Champion
I heard plenty of people in the crowd afterwards talking about how good it was. Hopefully you were there.
The peanut gallery cheering section was high energy.
Dylan Perry came away with a kickflip.
Skater Profile: Dylan Perry
Damn, forgot this dude's name that 360 flipped it.
Skater Profile: Who Dat?
Chris Blake frontside heelflipped it.
Skater Profile: Chris Blake
Dane Vaughn switch heelflipped it.
Skater Profile: Dane Vaughn
More madness from the crowd, including Justin Brock judging and Clarence mean muggin'.
Matt Fink, ripping as usual, this time with a switch frontside heelflip.
Skater Profile: Matt Fink
Anthony Williams got a varial heelflip over it.
Skater Profile: Anthony Williams
Porpe got the sequence of CJ's switch varial flip.
Skater Profile: CJ Tambornino
CJ Tambornino ended up winning it with a switch varial heelflip. I missed the sequence, but you can check it on Joe Pelham's footage coming up. Get the full results here. Let's do that again soon, Red Bull.

Joe Pelham's Footage


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