2018 Valentine's Day Massacre Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

2018 Valentine's Day Massacre Coverage

Posted on Friday, February 16, 2018 by Clint

The adidas Valentine's Day Massacre contest went off last weekend and we got our first all ages contest of the year in the books. We're stoked that the 8 and under age group is growing up and we're excited that the age group is being replenished by some serious rippers! This year has started off with some great skateboarding and a serious battle to the finish went down in the sponsored division. Thanks to adidas, Element Brand, Thrasher, Shake Junt, Spitfire and Arcade Belts for putting this contest together with us. We are very grateful for your support.

Video by: Justin Santiago
Photos by: Josh Bowser
Matty Jessee : FS Nosegrind
Carlos Garcia : Heelflip Front Board
Ryan Cullen : Fastplant
Freedom Charles found himself in a scary spot…
…but he came out victorious in the end : Wallie
Angel Gonzalez : 360 Flip
The Three Stripes Crew, Derick, Bobby Boyd and Matt Milligan. Thanks for all your support this weekend guys!
Jake Malick : Back Smith
Erik Gilabert : Boosted Kickflip to Flat
Matt Savidakis : Bennett Grind
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Jake Yanko might be the king of Yank Ins : 50-50 Stall Above the Rail
Tyler Wolford : Fakie 5-0
Dillon Brown : Back Smith
8 & Under Division Winners (L-R) : Hunter Bushouse, Bradley Roberts, PJ Deblasi (1st), Jett Lambert (3rd) & Jonny Moening (2nd)
9-12 Division Winners (L-R) : Zion Effs, Noah Pollard (2nd), Matty Jessee (1st), Davi Ferreira (3rd), & Jackson Kutik
13-15 Division Winners (L-R) : Lucas Pinheiro, Elijah Allred (2nd), Carlos Garcia (1st), Grace Marhoefer (3rd), & Diego Cerna
This is the whole crew that came all the way from Sao Paulo to skate. Amazing! A special shout out to Tulio De Oliveria for all his dedication and hard work getting these guys to Tampa every year.
SKT Nation represent!
16 & Up Division Winners (L-R) : Griffin Connor, Nick Christopher (3rd), Liam Brocks (1st), Mason ElSasser (2nd) & Jake Malick
Sponsored Division Winners (L-R) : Jordi Zapata, JP Oliveira (3rd), Keenan Lewis (1st) & Jake Yanko (2nd)
Sponsored Division winner Keenan Lewis : Back 180 Nosegrind
And the “Just for Showing Up” Award goes to Adidas Ambassador and FL legend Matt Milligan. Thanks for joining us this weekend Matt!


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