Boards for Bros Huntsville Texas Trip Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Boards for Bros Huntsville Texas Trip

Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2021 by Matt

Boards for Bros was contacted to assist with a skatepark opening in Huntsville, Texas in which we were more than happy to be a part of. We made the decision to turn the voyage into a road trip. So we gathered the SPoT crew and friends, hit the road and skated some spots along the way. When we got to Huntsville skatepark we passed out 50 boards to the new skaters of the town, gave a few pointers and a demo. The folks there were incredibly gracious and we are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this event.

Video: Travis Monroe
Photos: Jon Carter
Matt Sav boosts a pop shuv it on a bump to bump at the Crestview, FL park
Sly hopped out the van and grabbed a wallie at a rest stop.
Textbook bump to front board from Brian at Crestview.
Santiago hucks a scenic nollie inward heel over the bump to bump at Crestview.
Brian eats wallies for a late night snack.
The people of Huntsville cutting the ribbon to open their new skatepark!
MC Woody with a speech during the opening ceremony.
The park is officially open now that Brian has ollied over a city councilman.
Boards being distributed to the local kids of Huntsville, TX.
Sly, Matt, Tim, and Liam post up with a bag of groceries.
On this episode of Shark Tank, Atom does a kickflip in the Boards for Bros shark suit. Who wants to make a deal?
Kids of all ages came out to skate with the Boards for Bros crew!
The park may have been small, but the turn out was huge
Awesome to see more girls getting involved with skateboarding.
Brian boosts an ollie over a rail and a baby.
Tim pulling prizes with his signature smile on his face.
Meet the Director of Operations of Boards for Bros, Michael Blanford
Atom hitting the bump to a nice front lipslide.
Matt chillin on a back blunt on the bump to rail
Sly left Huntsville through the gutters.
Dropped by FAMU on the way home and Atom grabbed a front board.
Liam with a first try front 50 through the kinks
Brian Wayne with a front 5-0 stall in the crust at the Tallahasse DIY spot
Santiago with a big backside nosepick in NOLA


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