Tampa Am 2021: Saturday Qualifiers Photos - Yukito Aoki, Sena Watanabe, Gabryel Aguilar Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2021: Saturday Qualifiers Photos - Yukito Aoki, Sena Watanabe, Gabryel Aguilar

Posted on Monday, November 22, 2021 by Matt Shail

Two of Japan's finest got a straight shot to the Qualifiers. Here's how it went down!

Photos by Bart Jones & Jon Carter
Wouldn’t have it any other way.. greeted by the bartenders.
Sena Watanabe be Heelflippin’ this time into a Front Feeble.
Leopard head Gabryel Aguilar Switch Front Blunts the rail.
Manny holdin’ it down on the mic.
Jonny Hernandez pays ode with a Suski Grind.
Devin Flynn takes the distance to flat with a KF
True Love
Zack Wiegand Switch Flips with that OG NorCal Style.
Kristion Jordan puts it on for the crowd with KF Backlip.
Who woulda thought?! SPOT has bombass Acai Bowls!
Lucas Alves still be Tre Flippin’ to everything!
High Speed Technology! Ginwoo KF Backlips with the preciseness!
Colin McKay was wondering where the vert ramp is.
Hozumi Kai, Kicky Backlip.
Jonathan Henderson, Tre Gap Lip in his run is no joke!
Working with a new security firm this year.
Daiki Ikeda fresh off the Am Scramble tour with a Hardflip to flat!
Sena again, with a casual Gap Backtail.
Japan most definitely and obviously up in the house!
Inward Heel to 5-oh on lock is a wild one! Kento Urano’s got em!
Gabryel doesn’t waste any bit of steel with a board up flat and down.
Liam representing Florida, Cariuma, and peace!
Another angle of Yuki’s Gap Noseblunt.
Jonny looking comfy out there with a Nollie Heel over the box.
Judges and Announcers in high concentration.
Sena back on his Heeflip game again, this time Gapping to Backlip!
That Ginwoo is so hot right now!
Ginwoo locked n loaded getting ready for that KF Out!
It’s a vibe..
Daiki closes out qualifiers with a Gap Front Blunt.
These kids be crazy!
Congrats to Aoki on qualifying 2nd with a straight shot to finals!
And an extra special shout to Raimu Sasaki qualifying first! Also with a straight shot to finals; Congrats!!


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