Tampa Am 2021: Finals Photos - Yukito Aoki, Richard Tury, Jhancarlos Gonzalez Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2021: Finals Photos - Yukito Aoki, Richard Tury, Jhancarlos Gonzalez

Posted on Monday, November 29, 2021 by Matt Shail

Finals photos are here! Let's take a look back at how the 27th Annual Tampa Pro went down!

Photos by Bart Jones, Matt Shail, & Jon Carter
Crowd ready to see this sheeiiett go down!
Lazer Crawford sets off the Semis with a high speed Noseblunt Slide.
Ginwoo getting ready for action at the top of the Kahuna
No surprises seein’ Ginwoo Onodera in there, Mr. Frontblunt whatever I want to out!
No surprises .. Filipe Mota willing and able to qualify first in Semis.. so he did.
Maurice has switch front blunts on lockdown
Crowd was hyped and ready for Finals!
Kento Urano’s Inward Heel again but in a new light.
Jon showing why he's 1 of 1 with a picture perfect frontside flip.
Becker "Bigspin Front Blunt" Dunn
Sam sandwich at the judges stand
Raimu 270ing his way into the finals.
Bowser appearance!
I think I already used this caption but if you didn't realize it, Lazer can hardflip backlip on command
Tyler can front crook nollie flip like nobody's business.
Toa Sasaki keepin’ his Noseblunts up like his hat bill, goin’s backside over the frame.
Stuntin’ in his Cariuma’s.. Tyler Peterson goes BS over the bump to bar with a KF Lip.
She Skate?
1 of 1 Jonny Hernandez Kickflips to boardslide.
Another kickflip combo from Ginwoo for the judges
Feeble pop over into the bank from Keanu
Kyonosuke with the magnet catch
Jorge going the distance with a gap noseblunt
Jorge crooking through the kinks.
Crowd was impressed all day with the talent on the course
A Kicky Flip Front Blunt with a cute catch to boot! Lazer knows the protocol.
Ginwoo zipping through the park with a Kickflip Backlip thrown in there.
We need total coverage!
So many Kickflip Backside Lipslides! Maurice Jordan has a good one.
Another angle of the infamous front crook nollie flip from Tyler Peterson
Gabryel taking it all the way around to back smith
Jhancarlos's take on the gap noseblunt.
Filipe startin’ the run off solid, with a lanky Frontblunt Slide.
Somehow Daiki was able to turn into a cannonball and land this hardflip to flat
Dane & Kurt from Zero scoutin’ talent out here.
Bruno throwing the feet back to catch a hardflip down the 4 block
Kickflip frontboard from Malachi
Jorge showing off the nollie pop with a nollie back crook down the hubba
Another beautiful front blunt across the pyramid.
Filipe comin’ thru with 5th place.. not too shabby!
Tre Flip into the light.. Raimu Sasaki abides by the Skate Gawdz.. Raimu 2nd Place Golden Ticket winner & Fourth Place Final Finisher ..no too bad of an weekend for Ole’ Raimu!
Kickflip Grinds? Jhancarlos Gonzalez has got em’ both ways..
Jhancarlos killed it and got 3rd Place, thats pretty friggin’ cool! Congrats Jhancarlos!!
These are my headphones, there are many like it, but these headphones are mine.
Sneaker hit, Richard Tury..weaseled his way on up into 2nd Place; well played Richard! Congrats!
…And without further due, our number one guy>> Yukito Aoki!!!! CONGRATULATIONS YUKITO!!!!!
Some of the crowds a lil’ mellow and just taking it all in.
..and some of the crowd is off the handle!!!
Shoutout to Filipe too, OG Global Amdemic winner.
Zion Effs capturing it all!
One more random one of Filipe just cause he’s photogenic and has lots of photos, ¯\_(?)_/¯
Your Tampa Am 2021 winner.. Yukito Aoki.
Kewon Vines ready for this award ceremony!
Paul Zitzer ready to give away some dollaz!!
Toshi Iida very hyped on his Thanks For Showing Up Award!
Then this guys ransacked the stage!?!?!?!
Probably had something to do with this guy...
Andrew and Kelly thought it was pretty funny, Manny thought it was just okay though.
Security offered to take swimsuit guy down, but Brian said: Naww let em’ go.. that how we do in Tampa!
Lance Conklin was there to capture it all.
Willy Santos was in the house so we had to thank him for showing up!
Christian was here filming and partying all weekend
Kris Markovich was the official G of the weekend for all the work he put in painting the course!
Rio didn't leave empty handed. He snagged the Skater XL Trick of the Weekend award. Check our instagram for the clip - it's too complex to explain!!
Jhancarlos left with a 3rd place trophy AND $1000 cash from Mob!
Big shout to Kris Markovich for painting park!
Granted Ginwoo is probably way too young to be operating power tools but regardless, what is right..is right and he clearly took the Zumiez Destroyer Award!
Not sure what was going on here, but something interesting was happening on a phone.
Lotta KF Front Blunts out there too! Congrats Ginwoo!
Your Top 3, even though Jhancarlos is hiding.
A couple more of Yukito.
Wether it’s Nollie Big Heel Lip or Switch Big Heel Lip.. he’s got it all on lock!
..And that’s a wrap!
Congrats Yukito, will see y’all next time.
As soon as Yukito finished his run his whole crew celebrated!
Another angle of the podium!
Raimu crushed it and took 4th!
Filipe had a great weekend and took home 5th.
Maurice and his chain took 6th!
Lazer was all smiles in 8th!
Jonny placed 9th this year, congrats Jonny!
Tyler front crook nollie flipped his way into 10th.
I think Toa wins best dressed on top of his 11th place trophy!
Congrats on 12th Kento. See you all next year!


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