Tampa Am 2022: Madness Concrete Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2022: Madness Concrete Jam Photos

Posted on Sunday, November 13, 2022 by Matt Shail

Last time around we got rained out and had to take the Madness indoors. This time around we had a tropical storm that cleared up 24 hours before we hit the concrete. Here's a look back at the MADNESS that went down!

Photos by Bart Jones
Nick Papa, starts the Madness Concrete Jam off with a classic.
Jake Yanko probably shoulda been skatin’ the Concrete Jam, but still good in spirit as a braced up spectator. He coulda probably still hit the sub-box though!
Nick Wallace gets all sprawled out on a Backside Boneless, YEEHAWW!
Cash for taking down the Panda, needless to say, Panda got checked!
Just a Backside Air by Tyson Zane, but nice juxtaposition between Panda & Filmer.
Chucky Woodard puts on a scenic Nosegrind for the crowd.
The crowd has multiple reactions to the mayhem.
Concrete Jam vet Steven Pineiro wakes the crowd up with a Crook Fakie. To Fakie Crew!!!
Chucky back with that fire and no crowd, just a filmer, this time with a Back Crail over the doorway.
Wouldn’t be a Madness Concrete Jam without a head on collision.
Tyson Zane pays ode to the pony.
Arms down, just loftin! Nick Papa goes over the doorway Alleyoop.
Father & Son activities. (...Does Tim Mott have a son?)
The FS 180 Fakie 5-O over the channel seems like a scary one! Nick Wallace defies fate!
Ridin’ Spinnaz!! Tyson gives the crowd what they want!
Wait?!?! What the hell!?!? Nooooooo!!! Not the Pony!!!!!!
If life gives you toxic chemical fumes, you FSA through them!
The beginning of the end of the jam with Jake Odle getting after that top rope tango.
Jake went off his nose too!
Nick Papa seals the sesh, takes it to the hole, brings the curtains with a Backside Nosepick! YEWWWW!!!
Paul can’t recognize grown up Tyson.
Chucky got some recognition.
Jake got some cash!
Logan Mozey got 3rd and pays respect to the late, and gone way too soon Henry Gartland.
Nick Wallace scores second.
Your 2022 1st place Madness Concrete Jam winner: Nick Papa. CONGRATS!!!
Wait!?! What the hell is with this guy grabbing the mic?!?
It's a proposal!!! And Brian is astonished! That’s a wrap the day, what better way to end things than with pure unadulterated love! Comeback to the blogs for the semi and finals!


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