Tampa Pro 2023: Sunday Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2023: Sunday Finals Photos

Posted on Tuesday, March 7, 2023 by Matt Shail

The 29th annual Tampa Pro was one to remember. How do we go even BIGGER for our 30th next year?

Photos by Bart Jones and Matt Shail
All systems go!! We’re ready for takeoff! The Auxiliary Channel guides us through the thick brush that is the live webcast!
Felipe Nunes never ceases to amaze us. KF Backside Tailslide.
Crazy skaters can just consistently Switch Flip Back Lip the rail these days. Shane O’Neil is the Gawd Dang Messiah of this shit!
How you gonna get 33rd place with Nollie Heel Backlips like this?! Competition stiff these days!
Marcos Montoya up into the proranks and into the semis.
Chris “Cookie” Colbourn with that Polejam Late-Shuv again.
It was Filmer Frank’s birthday this day! Happy Birthday Frank!!
Braden Hoban has his eye on the prize milliseconds before putting metal to metal on a Gap Front Blunt.
Kairi is mos’ def’ a Heeflipper! This time Backside over the bump to bar.
Blonde hair don’t care! Kairi Netsuke locks ‘n’ loads a Back Overcrook.
A still photo of a Bigspin can be hit or miss, but Gabriel Fortunato’s got that proper catch!
Alec Majerus pinches a 5-Oh top-n-down.
C’mon man! If you’re gonna show up shirtless in overalls.. Don’t look so glum!
Catch and no release, Alec Majerus nails a Kicky Backlip.
Hey Alec! Do A Kickflip.. Over a bar.. To Grind…that is!!
Alec always stackin’ up dem’ photos, Front Crook.
Hey Berger! I dunno why you gotta Kickflip 5 times as high as the bar into Backlips, but you do you!
We could put together a whole montage of Frontside Flips over the bump to bar, Eli Williams got one between flying an sailin’ through the park.
Love us some Carlos Ribiero! Nollie 180 Switch Crook.
Carlos putin’ it on for the crowd! Switch Tail.
Vincent Milou makes use of the under utilized baby ledge with a Switch Backsmith.
It’s just a Nyjah Back Noseblunt, but beautifully executed, nonetheless.
Back 180 Nosegrind lookin’ like a Crook, got me all discombobulated!
Always nice to knuck the fans!
Louie with one of the coolest things we saw all week! Polejam to truck bonk on the A-Frame rail!
These guys, always Flippin’ twice the height of the rail these days! Giovanni Vianna Heelflip Frontboard.
Love us a good Fakie Nosegrind 180, Giovanni provides.
Gio clockin’ a whole series of photos here, apparently! This time with the regs Lil’ Stevey!
Kelvin Hoefler Back 180 Nosegrind in the cuts!
There’s that birthday boy again! All smiles!
Kelvin is knee deep in this contest game.. Kicky Backlip.
Hoefler starting his run off with a banger of a Gap Backlip.
The man of the day, Yuto Horigome starts his runoff with a classic and also proper Tre Flip.
Golden Ticket winner, Angelo Caro, gets back in the game with a Tre Flip Lip.
#1 Golden Ticket winner Felipe Gustavo warms it back up with Nollie Flip Crook.
Angelo comes back into the Finals kickin’ with a Gap Noseblunt Slide!
Fan Fave, Louie Lopez ..Backside Flips the bump to bar with style and grace.
Jah looking like he’s sent from the heavens.
Switch Heel Tail down the rail is just flat out bananas!
Carlos Riibiero’s wife clapped and whooed when he did this Nollie Heel Tail.. it was cute!
Nollie Benatar in a contest run is no fuckin joke!
Hey man, you got a white shirt, and black pants!?! Me too!! Let’s knuck! Okay, your turn!
Vincent with the casual Switch Flip Backlip in a contest run, like it’s a walk through the park.
“Did I do good?!”
Twist ‘n’ Shout! Kelvin gets twisted on a Nollie 180 Switch Feeble.
Jagger’s Up!
..And then he’s down!!
We seen the gap Backlip, but Hoefler turns it up for his last run with a Gap Backside Noseblunt!
The sweet taste of defeat! JK jk Kelvin! 5th place ain’t bad!! No Cap!
Another one of those Frontside Flips! This time by: Felipe Gustavo
We all saw Felipe’s Nollie Flip Crook on the bump to ledge, but for the finals he took it to the rail.
Chris Joslin hammered out a killer run in the finals and got 3rd place. Congrats Chris!
Giovanni has also got the Gap Backlip run starter.
Gio was rockin the Nollie Big Frontboard, but for the finals he stepped it up to Front Blunt!
Vianna’s Cab Back Noseblunt was no joke!
Yuto struggled with his ender at first, but nailed it for the win with the Nollie ‘Copter Bluntslide.
‘I dunno what happened, I blacked out!’
Mid-finals run Nollie Heel Boardslide from Yuto to close out the finals!
Time to give out some awards. Brian had some words with the crowd to get the ceremony going!
Familiar face from the past, Clyde Singleton came to town to help announce and throw out some product!
Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman
Alex Vestal living his best life and keeping this crowd under control
Flash turned our filmer Devon Cooper into a ghost
alright, alright on to the awards. Shout out to Jameson and the Cariuma crew for supporting SPoT, Tampa Pro, Tampa Am, and Damn Am
We wouldn't be able to do it without our friend Joey and the Monster crew!
Daewon came to SPoT for his first time in years. So good to see him around the park. There was a secret mini-ramp session going down with him, Koston, and Chris Cole. It was a beautiful sight!
The vertical vampire helped out with Concrete Jam this year. Thanks Navs!
Thomas Kring came from Denmark and supplied coffee and donuts every morning for the staff and park.
We thanks Evan Smith for showing up, but...he wasn't there to accept the award so Schaefer hit him on FaceTime!
It's time for us to give out the annual Boards for Bros 'Bromander' award
Congratulations Woody!
Santa Cruz hooked us up with some completes to give out on IG during the webcast. Congrats to Zachary Lawson for taking this one home!
SLS was watching the contest all weekend and saw that Giovanni Vianna came to skate his heart out. They hand picked him to skate their Chicago SLS stop this year - congrats Giovanni!
SPoT team rider Gabi moments after he told me not to take his photo
Eli Williams destroyed every inch of the course and didn't pump the breaks ONCE. Congrats for taking home the Bronson Speed Killer award
Congrats Eli!
Vincent coming up to the stage to claim his G from Mob. Congrats on taking home the Mob 'G for Effort'
Congrats Vincent!
Jack Olson landed a switch front blunt switch flip across and down the kinked rail right after time during the Independent Best Trick. This awarded him Skater XL Trick of the Weekend and took home a custom Skater XL Xbox
Andy Anderson took home the Zumiez Destroyer award for completely annihilating the course all weekend!
It's the man of the hour... or should we say the man of the past THREE DECADES?! Congratulations to our fearless leader Brian Schaefer for 30 years at SPoT!
Congrats Brian!
Brian is the belle of the ball!
Thumbs up for 30 years!
Speech, speech, speech!!
Alright, let's get to our top 12. These award ceremonies take FOREVER. Congrats to the returning champ Jamie on taking 12th after a gnarly slam.
Angelo Caro was a few missed tricks away from taking a spot in the top 3. Congrats on 11th place Angelo, see you next year!
It's been a few years since we have seen Louie at the park. Great seeing you Louie, congrats on 10th!
Coming off a surgery after a 2022 SOTY run and STILL making it to the finals of Tampa Pro is quite the feat. 9th place for Nyjah
Classic thumbs up of approval from Brian for Carlos taking him the 8th place trophy.
2nd place last year and 7th to follow - one missed trick away from a top spot in a tough competition. Congrats Vincent!
I'm glad I am not a contest skater cause I certainly wouldn't want to be skating against this guy! Jagger takes 6th overall
Followed by fellow Cariuma teammate Kelvin in 5th. One year Kelvin is going to win this thing!
Felipe is also due for a Tampa Pro win. This year he will have to settle with 4th.
Now for that top 3! Chris Joslin had more flip tricks in his run than you can count on two hands. Congrats Chris on 3rd place!
Premature champagne celebration ain't no thang! Congrats Gio on 2nd and Yuto on 1st place in the 29th annual Tampa Pro
That's a lot of champagne coated cameras and phones
See you all next year for our 30th annual Tampa Pro!
Your top three, Congratulations Yuto!!!!


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