Damn Am La 2023: Qualifiers Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Damn Am La 2023: Qualifiers Photos

Posted on Monday, May 22, 2023 by Matt Shail

50 skaters advanced to the semi-finals on Saturday. Here's some photo coverage of Qualifiers from the SPoT Media Crew!

Photos by Matt Shail
Josue Lozano's sister came out to support and Manny was super stoked to see her sign.
This is how Jhonny Zapata warms up for Qualifiers. Kickflip front board down the 10.
No sorcery here, just a switch frontside flip from Nick Potter
We had a ton of support in the building. They must have found out about the tasty açaí bowls that Nick Merlino's company was serving up!
Kickflip front 50 from Steve Gamboa. Dude had some really solid back nose blunts. Wish I could have gotten a photo of one of them.
Deon Harris with a classic kickflip out of the hip and over the 7 rail
Johnathan Henderson can Tre flip into anything he wants. Including a front nosegrind.
Abner Pietro might be riding a Plan B deck, but Plan A was to make it to the semi-finals and that was not a problem for him! Front blunt from the Brazilian
Not sure who this person is but I really like their dog.
SPoT team rider Gabi Lavallee skated his first Damn Am LA. He missed the cut, but skated his heart out. Big things coming for you Gabi!
I love this photo of Johnathan Lane doing a front hurricane. Peep the front crook in the next slide
Love it! Shutterspeed was at 125, so I got a little motion blur too. Photography is fun.
Yo Jesus, do a kickflip!
Pretty sure this was the Skate Terminator traveling from the past to redeem early SPoT sponsorship.
Hideki Ishii traveled with the Japanese skate crew and killed it at filming as usual. What up dude!
Another Tampa local made their way out to The Berrics. Liam with a nose grind down the 7
It's Mr. Heelflip Down or Into Any Trick He Wants: Sena Watanabe bs heel 1st try down the 10
The crowd loves it!
Koston Eaton was in the building and brought kickflip backlips with him.
Our new friend Summer filming some clips for IG
Lazer Crawford launching out the hip with a hardflip fatty to flatty.
It's the return of Andrew Cannon. Well.. he didn't go anywhere, but I haven't seen him in a year or so.
Paul Zitzer once called Toa Sasaki the Toa-constrictor and I will never forget that. Back 3 from Toa
SPoT team rider Myles made it out to LA. What up Myles!
Almost missed this back nose blunt from Toa
Toa putting in the work down the 10 rail. Followed up the BS Noseblunt with a Front Nosegrind
Franky Villani sighting. He placed 7th in his last Damn Am contest in Costa Mesa in 2014
Junnosuke stuck out all weekend. This frontside flip down the 10 was textbook
Yo what up Justin Strubing and pup!
Pizzanista hooked us up with some pies and mislabeled Brian's name as Brian Shepard. I haven't stopped calling him that since, I am sure he loves it.
Brian, Sam, slice of pizza. Is this real love?
Shout out to SPoT Team rider Gabi and the Etnies squad. Thanks for coming out. See you all at semi-finals!
Closing out the Qualifiers with a Nollie flip from Kristion Jordan. Believe it or not - no relation to Michael Jordan even though they have similar tongue out style.


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