Damn Am LA 2023: Finals Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Damn Am LA 2023: Finals Photos

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023 by Matt Shail

Lazer Crawford wins his first Damn Am and it wasn't easy! Tap in to see the highlights from the Sunday showdown at The Berrics.

Photos by Matt Shail
Frank and Sam checking in with the MIB aka our security for the day. I am not sure how secure the premises were honestly, kids found out we had pizza and slipped past this guy no problem.
Greg Rodriguez going straight out the gate of semi-finals and flipping into a front 50.
Ray Corey went viral for his lazer flip to hat catch. Peep his IG for the clip!
Joetaro with his famous kickflip back lip. He puts some authority on those!
Jonathan getting ready for his run with a board swap. That Skater XL Best Trick contest did a number on his.
Koston Eaton came to play in the semi-finals. Bump to nosegrind from across the course.
Followed by a back overcrook down the 10 set. Koston brought the pinch
Lot of dudes out here taking the risk over the bump to rail. Fatty to flatty melon from the Brazilian Abner Pietro
Wish I was a little higher up for this one to see the pinch. Back 180 nosegrinds on lock from Tiaga Nagai
Switch front board practice from Koston Eaton. He was going for the switch front feeble. That's some pro level shit!
Abner threw down a back salad that might as well have been back tail. Either way he did it with style and finesse!
What's a contest without some legendary filmers in the building. Shout out to Vitor and Lando for bringing their vision to the Berrics
There was a bigspin into this and a 270 out of this, but all you get is the part where he does the blunt. I need to start shooting sequences of Taiga Nagai cause my photos aren't doing the man justice!
Lazer has laser speed kickflips so I didn't get the flick into this back tail, but man it was a beaut!
Yo Abner, do a kickflip!
You ever see those corny captions from influencers where they say their life is like a movie? This is kinda like that, except Damn Am is really like a movie and here is a photo of the crowd in the theater.
Followed by a front shuv up the most impossible step-up to skate.
Nobi was killing it in the Qualifiers and made his way to the finals finishing 12th overall. Locked in back 180 nosegrind down the hubba
Congrats Nobi!
Sena going in on his last run with a BANG. Heelflip front blunt out the gate like nobody's business.
Followed by another heelflip but this time backside over the 7. Congrats on 9th Sena!
Sena Watanabe will be a household name one day!
One more back over crook from Koston Eaton but a little closer this time.
Koston had the kickflip backlip dialed, but the most impressive part was the switch back lip he followed this up with.
Congratulations on 8th place Koston!
Junnosuke? More like Junnocanskate really well! 270 into this one.
The Japanese crew was stoked for Junnosuke.
Congrats on 7th overall Junnosuke!
Cole Wayka from Wisconsin was really out here! Nosegrinding his way into 6th.
Congratulations Cole!
Thanks for Nothing SKNDL Skateboards crew, no seriously, we mean it!
Colin McKay bringing back the 3rd act of Plan B? Thanks for Nothing Colin!
The man of the hour. The filmer of the year. Hideki Ishii literally live streams from his phone mounted on top of his camera while he films reels. He is the realest in the game. Thank you Hideki!!
Taiga Nagai ripped all weekend and did a 270 shuv into everything. Including this front board.
Remember how Taiga Nagai did the bigspin hurricane and won Skater XL Best Trick? He also did it in the middle of his finals run on Sunday. He came up short, but ended up walking out with 5th place. Big things comin' your way Taiga!
Congratulations, Taiga!
There was only one Brazilian in the entire contest and he was not messing around. Abner Pietro with a kickflip crook and back to Brazil with a 4th place trophy.
This is what I was talking about with Colin McKay and the 3rd act of Plan B. This dude was iced out with a Plan B chain!
Congrats on 4th Abner!
Taking a small break to acknowledge that Manny Santiago and Andrew Cannon were wearing sandals on the podium.
Honestly thought this was a photo of a kickflip front board at first, then I watched the SPoT Life and realized it was a kickflip front blunt shuv. Malachi Gray you are insane!
Kickflip front crook to close out his run. Malachi was a fill-in for Deon Harris, who had to bounce, and ended up taking 3rd place overall!
As always - Toa Sasaki aka Toaconstrictor, starts out his run with the 540 flip boardslide. Super casual stuff!
Toa with a massive nollie heel front board right in front of all of his homies. I love this one. Peep the next photo.
Minds were blown!
Toa's performance landed him in 2nd place. The squad was hyped!
Lazer knew he had one last chance to seal the deal and that he did. Here are a few highlights from his winning run. Starting off with a kickflip backlip down the 10
Followed up by a hardflip over the 7 rail. Insanity!!
And if that wasn't enough... hardflip backlip down the 10. Congratulations, Lazer!
It's a celebration.
1. Lazer 2. Toa 3. Malachi
Peace out LA. Next stop: Japan


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