All Ages Contest Series: Back to School Bash 2023 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

All Ages Contest Series: Back to School Bash 2023

Posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2023 by Matt Shail

Skaters of all ages link up at SPoT for one last hurrah before school is back in session. With a Damn Am Contest Series qualification spot up for grabs, the sponsored division came to Tampa and cranked up the heat!

video by Jason Malley • Photos by Josh Bowser

Good morning from our Back to School Bash 2023 All Ages Contest. Before the contest starts, our behind the scenes crew has a little meeting to make sure we are all on the same page. After this photo we all put our hands in the middle for a proper “Goooooo SPoT!” chant.
Spectators from all over Florida load into the stands and play "who can survive this heat the longest?"
Our friend Shawn always comes through for the kids at the Ultra Slappy Wax tent.
...and over at registration we've got our dude DJ reading Blue Beetle comics. What gives man!
Shout out to the Blue Beetle crew for coming by and suppling 125 skaters with back packs for school. Amazing!
Ivan in the shop super bummed he didn't get a free Blue Beetle backpack. Next time Ivan!
Blue Beetle gear for everyone!
Scott can't actually squint any smaller than this. If he does his head will implode.
Alright...let's head back inside to kick off some skating. Matthew Barrios gives us a lesson in back 180's to flat.
Rain brings the pain with a back board for the judges.
Ethan answers the boardslide phone and goes backside on the a-frame.
Lot of boardslides going down. Rain takes his down the 4 block to show everyone what time it is.
Boardslide fans from all over the country.
SPoT skate camp counselor Amanda stealin' cheeseburgers. Hope Brian doesn't read this!
Emmett Burnett catches a kickflip at the last second and lands in 2nd place in the 8 & Under division.
Jax Effs came to town and brought varial heel flips with him. What's good Jax!
Jax follows up Emmit with a kickflip down the 4 block.
Ethan Campos finishes up the 8 & Under division with a board slide into the bank.
Congrats to Matthew Barrios for taking 1st place overall in the 8 & Under Division!
Sly Sullivan copped himself one of the fresh Motor Lobby decks in the courtyard.
Blue Beetles crew was all smiles in the courtyard.
SPoT Super OG Bibs slanging drinks in the venue just like old times!
Myles Peyton Anderson points his toe on a front feeble and kicks things off for the 9-12 Division
9-12 Division doubles on the pyramid with Sebastian and Dylan Sorrells
Dylan Sorrells from Minneola goes frontside on the bump to bar
Sebastian gets the first flick in of the day with this kickflip front board on the a-frame rail.
Balanced 50 from Christian Garcia for the judges stand
Courtyard check-in with Vivian and the Boards for Bros crew as they spray paint designs on their grip!
Rain gets in on the action before it literally starts raining.
His name is Jason and he has the Information.
The rain is no joke. Sure would be a shame if it took out our roof and we had to get a brand new one...
Not sure if Dylan is running from the rain or doing a Supreme video tryout
Back inside we've got Orlando's finest Taylor Burnett with a front smith on the bump to ledge.
Taylor circles back around for the crook down the hubba.
Upside down and inside out, Karis 'bout to show all you folks what it's all about.
Katie Jeronimek ride on back 50 all the way across and down.
Whatever you did, Josh Tancos is pissed!
everybody chill we got a baby that needs to get into the shop STAT
If you stare hard enough you'll see Taylor's board blending in with the stairs as she is about to land a v heel and seal the deal on the Women's Division with a 1st place win
even Josh Tancos liked it!
Congrats, Taylor!
13-15 is underway and it's time to go fish eye mode. Front blunt from Caleb Lelo
Nick Fry locks in on a front smith on the bump to rail
Frederik hops in the mix with a back lip on the a-frame rail.
Followed by a kickflip front board on the rail
These kids really want to know who won 13-15 Division.
Josh Tancos thinks he might know who won.
Alright... alright Josh won. Congrats Josh!
These kids will do anything for a product toss!!
Properly mounted and helmet strap in mouth. Awaiting the product to fly into the air.
this isn't a lighter. it's a carrot. I thought it was a lighter at first. It isn't
These black and white stills making it look like '93 up in this joint.
Wow that's terrifying.
Almost done with the artsy section. James with his 35mm film camera.
Congrats Miles on your first win at SPoT
Filming an edit in between divisions.
James Coleman came by. What up James!
Aiden Andruk crooks his way into the 16-29 Division
Kickflip up and over into the bank from Aiden
Jackson Marto sneaks in a front smith in between runs in a last minute effort for sponsored division warm-up
SPoT Team rider Myles Booker throws a Tre flip over the hydrant.
Dylan LaBrake, also a representative of the SPoT Team, with a back suski on the main pyramid
Felip Luques won the Sponsored Division at the School's Out Jam a few months back. He came back for the two peat but unfortunately ran out of steam from dehydration. Drink your water kids!
Here we are with the 30 & Up wrecking crew AKA the Legends Division. Represented by the one and only Rocco Caravelli
Rocco going to the top of the Paul Wall with a back smith.
Billy Nelson came to play. Not sure if there is any relation to Willie, but I am sure that he is asked that daily. We won't ask.
Elvin Ramos closes out the sponsored division with a nose slide bigspin.
Congratulations to Billy Nelson for taking the #1 Billboard SPoT in 30 & Up
Noah Nagaro won the Spring Roll 2023 Contest and came back with an entirely new bag of tricks. Front crook fakie on the main pyramid rail with ease
Maycon Mota Maycs his way over the bump to bar with a backside flip.
Myles has brought the dip. Where are the chips?!
The clip of this gap to back lip from Myles is in Jason's edit that we just uploaded to our YouTube. You gotta see this thing.
Quinn Harbin traveled to Tampa from Virginia and didn't leave empty handed. Kickflip front board on the a-frame
Hardflip from Hunter George down the 4 block
Crook accross and backlip down from Quinn
New one from SPoT team rider Dylan LaBrake - crook down and through the kink
As I mentioned earlier. Felipe didn't drink enough water and he cramped up. Make sure to stay hydrated out there folks!
Dylan down the 4 block with a Back Salad
Look at the pinch on this nosegrind from Dylan!
Hunter George goes up where others are going down. Front feeble.
SPoT team rider Gabi Lavallee has been entering All Ages the past few years and at only 12 years old has worked his way up to 4th place in the Sponsored Division. Super stoked on him and his progress. He will be a household name one day!
Myles Booker joins the Back Suski Club and takes one down the hubba in the Sponsored Division finals.
Quinn Harbin flying past the judges in a locked front feeble
Myles Booker Alley Oop backside 180 over the a-frame rail and into 3rd place overall. Congrats, Myles.
Quinn with another one for the judges. Congrats on first overall Quinn! See you at Damn Am NYC.
Congrats Quinn to a well deserved win in the Sponsored Division
Shout out to Kenny Lavallee and the entire Lavallee family for being so supportive of their son Gabi and his journey in skateboarding. Thanks for showing up!


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