Skating Across Borders Ramp Jam 2023: Green Bench Brewing Company Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Skating Across Borders Ramp Jam 2023: Green Bench Brewing Company Coverage

Posted on Sunday, October 22, 2023 by Matt Shail

The Boards for Bros and SPoT crews headed to St. Petersburg to team up with Stoefs Studio for a night of fundraising through skateboarding in the format of a mini ramp jam

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



Welcome to Green Bench Brewery in beautiful St. Petersburg FL. We are here for the 4th Annual Skating Across Borders event presented by Stoef’s Studio and Boards for Bros.
The Goat Ramp crew set up their ramp so we could host another Ramp Jam. Bring yourt tricks!
Holden was tearing up this ramp from the moment it was ready to shred. The kid really likes to skate.
Gotta get those clips.
Marse might be a judge today but that doesn’t mean he can’t rip the ramp. Front Blunt on the extension.
The crowd was very pleased…I think.
Peter earning himself some good luck before he hits the ramp.
Peter getting lucky thanks to the Lady Bug. Truck Bash Fakie or Heel-a Monster Fakie, you’d have to ask Pete what to call this
Mason Martin kicking it up a notch for the 9-12 division with a Kickflip Rock to Fakie
The bird was stoked on the session.
More judge action. Peter Backside Boneless
Marse with a Low to High Nosegrind
No Nose, No Problem
We surprised Michael with some cupcakes and a song for his birthday. Hope you had a great one!
You know we brought some promo to toss into the crowd!
Let it fly Nick!
Time for a beer break.
Quite the turnout for our little Ramp Jam! Thanks to everyone who pulled up!
Peaking through at a Blunt Nosegrab Fakie from Mason Martin
Backside Grind for the Ladies from Megan Phillips
That one deserves a High Five from Brian
Anotha one
All smiles from the 9-12 division with Holden Green taking the W
Congratulations to Rebecca Hubbard for her first win in the Women's Division!
Manny Villalobos came with the SktNation Crew and casually killed this ramp all evening. Blunt Fakie.
Flick into the Ramp. Every try until I ask for a photo of course.
Atom Flicking to Fakie for Fun
Followed by a Backside Flip
You can’t keep Peter from flying
That smile lets you know how much fun Brian was having tonight. We all had a blast! See you next year St. Pete!


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