Cash for Tricks at Cigar City Brewery 2023 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Cash for Tricks at Cigar City Brewery 2023

Posted on Monday, October 30, 2023 by Matt Shail

We headed over to Cigar City to celebrate our partnership with Jai Alai the only way we know how: a Cash for Tricks throw down!!

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



Welcome to Cigar City Brewing in sunny Tampa, FL where we are gearing up for Jai Alai Ween 2023!
We have our portable ramps setup for the day in the CCB parking lot and we are giving away CASH for TRICKS starting at 3pm. Pull up!
We are also sipping on this delicious “After Sesh” brew all day. This is one of our collaborative beers made with the experts at CCB, featuring hints of lime and salt. It’s really good; try it sometime.
Serge got a few tricks in before the party started. Backside Flip over the Keg
The Party Deck provided a Birds Eye view of the whole event.
I snapped a quick one of Marse while I walked up there. Front Feeble
Tim G pulled up just long enough to get a flick with Big Lou!
This party is B.Y.O.R. Bring Your Own Ramp.
Always rad to see the OG SPoT locals pull up. Durbo, Piro, Brian
Matt brought out the cash. Time for some tricks.
Karis cracks an Ollie over the Keg to get the session started.
That was enough to impress Alex
Wes with a solid Heelflip
Is that good enough to earn a Jai Alai cooler?
Peter wrapping up an Impossible
Keenan with a solid Switch Flip
Props are due after that one!
Can Marse Switch Tre for $30? No problem!
Schaefer is jealous…
Quick group photo before we get into the Rail Session.
Brian is ready to give out some cash.
Don’t know this guy’s name but he was holding his own. Back 50-50
“Hey kid what’s your name?”
this Front Salad from Dylan LaBrake was not fortunately tossed
More money going into the hands of ripping skaters.
Marse locked in on a Back Noseblunt
That deserves a nice Jai Alai mint. Are they Jai Alai flavored?
Not sure what Jimmy did but it earned him a single dollar from Brian.
SPoT lifers
Time to break for a quick Costume Contest! This crew came ready. Looking good guys!
Bruce Lee took home this special SPoT x CCB collab deck made just for this event.
I have no idea what this girl was dressed as but she was fully dedicated. Good enough for First Place!
Back to skating; Keenan with a Back Smith for the Crowd.
Serge shuts it down with this Hardflip Back Lip.
That got Brian really hyped.
Serge landed so many tricks it was hard to keep track. Flick Front Lip. sheesh
Congratulations Sergio! There wasn’t exactly a “First Place” but if there was, Serge earned it. He also took home one of those sick collab decks featuring artwork by Austin England.
The real winner may have been Lias, would took home $40 with a karaoke performance of “Baby Got Back” by Vanilla Ice. Thanks to CCB for letting us be a part of Jai Alai Ween 2023; we had a blast! See you next year.


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