All Ages Contest Series: Harvest Jam 2023 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

All Ages Contest Series: Harvest Jam 2023

Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 by Matt Shail

It's our fourth and final All Ages contest of the year! Friends and family from all over the country gather for some good old fashioned skateboarding and our annual end of the year awards. Here's how it all went down!

video by Jason Malley photos by Josh Bowser



Here we are for the fourth and final All Ages Contest of the year, Harvest Jam 2023! The stands are already packed with kids and parents alike. Let’s kick this thing off!
Of course we have Jason Information in the house providing video for the day. Check the full Harvest Jam edit above right now!
Rain Salazar - 8 and Under always brings out the crazy crouching boardslide photos. These kids have some serious core strength to be able to straighten out and land their tricks after sliding like this.
Ethan Campos - Another example of the Squat Boardslide. Abs of steel bro
Ethan - Little man, big boardslide
Q, You ready to start your run dude?
Q got this solid 50-50 after getting bodied in the middle of his run.
Matthew Barros just keep getting better. Boardslide the big Rail.
Matthew Kickflip off the Deck
Matthew closed out his run with this 50-50 to take First Place
The judges are pleased. Good work Matthew.
Or maybe they were just happy to see these free pastries arrive mysteriously at the Judges stand…
Motor Lobby came through and even printed custom shirts just for the event. Hell yea MoLo!
What kinda wax is this anyway??
Time for lunch with the Slum Skateboards crew.
Okay back into some skating… Gap Front Board on this thing is freakin’ scary.
Sebi was shredding all day. Front Feeble
Nicolas Cruz - Front Board
Nicolas with a Back 50 to Back 180
One more try for Braydan
Braydan - 360 Flip
Matheus Reis with a Heelflip off the deck
Taylor - Front Board
Taylor - Noseslide
Time to break from the action. Game of pool?
Ultra Slappy helping us slide all day.
A little Jai Alai to cool things off on a surprisingly warm day.
Spreading the Good JuJu
Aight we are back in the Course for some good ole shit talking, I mean skating.
Freddy was ripping all day. Krook
Freddy again with a proper Back Tail
Front Board from Shalev Rosenfeld hailing all the way from Israel!
Sebi helping hands for the homie
Josh Tancos with his signature Back Feeble
Josh takes his feeble to 50-50 this time around
Premium backside flip up the Step Up to end his run!
Your 8 & Under division results. Congrats to Matthew Barrios!
Sebastian's got somethin' to say!
Congrats to Sebastian for the W in the 9-12 Division
All smiles from Taylor Burnett as the crowning champion of the Women's Division
Congrats to all of our ladies from coming out!
The DeOrio family loves Juju! Congrats to the DeOrio's for being Fan Club of the Year 2023
This is what a happy family looks like!
Go on Tim Teach 'Em a Lesson! Thanks for being our #1 Camp Counselor of 2023
How many awards can we give this guy? Frederik with 13-15 SOTY and a win in the 13-15 Division for the day!
The stoke is real
Your 13-15 Division finalists. Congrats Frederik!
All good things must end with a product toss
Even if you get hit with the box…
…and even when you take home the box.
Ultra Slappy Wax presented Brian with an Award for a year’s worth of hard work.
Burger break with the one and only Scott Spear…
Back inside Tiago is serving up a Front Salad for the 30 and Up Division
30 and Up gets weird sometimes…
“What were you even trying anyway?”
Future rippers of America
What are you doing out here Matt? You’re supposed to get back to Judging.
Time to get into the heavy skating. Felipe warming things up with a Gap to Lipslide
SPoT's own Gabi Lavallee in frame with a Back Smith
Maycon Mota - Heelflip over the bump to bar
What the?
A little Ultra Slappy to get things moving…
Myles with a dipped Back Smith
Mikey Sanchez - Hardflip
Maycon flingin a 360 Flip
Maycon - Back 180 Nosegrind
Maycon catching a breather after a gnarly run
Sergio with a picture perfect Kickflip Back Tail
Dustin gives the boys a pep talk but they gotta peep the footage
ATL's finest - Messiah with a Front Feeble
Eric skates Switch and does it very well. Switch Heel
Daniel Rohrs - Switch Front Board
Quinn Harbin with a Front Crook
followed up by a Nosegrind Across and Down
Atom Blandford with a Front Tailslide for the judges
Back Suski from Noah Nagaro
Back Lip from Noah
Gabi kicks off the Sponsored Division finals with a level Back Tail
Gabi again flicking into a Back 50
Jeez Gabi! Perfect V heel
Felipe was on his toes today. Front Hurricane
Ollie up the Bump to Bar. Bar to Bump?
Felipe showing Peace on this Back Tail
Felipe going for most tricks and obstacles skated in a finals run - Back Bigspin
Felipe closes out a insane Run with this Flick Front Board
All love here at SPoT. These two killed it all day
Everybody be quiet Tim G has somethin' to say!
Jordan Clark looking more stoked than ever after winning the 16-29 Division
Congratulations to Tiago for securing the 30 & Up Division for the day AND the year
Shout out to Jeff Conyers of Slum Skates for coming through and supporting SPoT always. Homie is never not down!
Felipe and Myles with the handshake. This is what it's all about!
Top 5 in the sponsored division. Open them eyes Noah!
Congratulations Felipe! You're Sponsored SOTY AND you've qualified for two stops at Damn Am 2024. See you next year


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