Flogging Molly Cruise 2023 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Flogging Molly Cruise 2023 Coverage

Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 by Matt Shail

Our friend Matt Hensley of Flogging Molly invited us aboard the Norwegian Pearl for the annual Salty Dog cruise. We brought our friends the Goat Ramp along for the ride. Here's how it all went down.

photos by Matt Shail


It was a really long day leading up to this point, but we made it. The finishing touches on the ramp so that we can host our first demo at sea aboard the Norwegian Pearl for the Flogging Molly Cruise
Matt Hensley, of pro skateboarding and Flogging Molly fame, greets the crowd and welcomes them aboard.
Brian and the boys putting some final touches on the Goat Ramp so we were able to catch some air. They had a net over the court where the ramp was built so these wooden pillars gave us some room to breathe!
Justin Strubing made it along for the trip. Always great to see him!
SPoT's own, Peter Kryger, returns for his 2nd cruise and brought twice the amount of energy. Blunt fakie to warm up for the crowd.
Christian Hosoi made it aboard, I repeat, Christian Hosoi is on the ship!
5-0 fakie from Strubing going 100mph on the boat. If you add in the speed of the boat and the wind, he's really going like 200mph.
Peter Kryger airing to fakie
Peter almost missing the coping on this back boneless
A very rare Jason Adams sighting. This was the only photo I got of him all cruise. Always loved his part in the Bag of Suck video
Backside air from Hosoi. No grabs necessary!
I snuck away from the ramp to catch Pennywise! They let me close to the stage. New career path incoming
Whenever you mess up a photo really badly you just turn it black and white to be edgy.
The crowd was going insane. I was getting on top of the security with the fish eye. It was exhilarating. Take me back to the pit!!
I don't know who you are, but this photo turned out cool. That's a wrap for day 1. Peace out!
Day 2 started off with a belly flop contest hosted by the Gorilla Biscuits. What a nutty bunch. Homie crawled over the railing and jumped from the 2nd story. I don't know if that's regulation, but we are out at sea. There are no rules
Never say never!
Fully pitted
The winner of the belly flop contest giving one last flop for the crowd.
The splash. They love it!
Time to get back over to the ramp. Ran into the one and only, Steve Caballero!
The 13th floor where the crowd sat. Not a bad seat in the house!
It's all love boys!
Peter Kryger showing off...AGAIN
Another angle of the backside air from Hosoi. Look at the shape on that board
Coping grab from Peter Kryger. Out at sea, upside down, and inside out!
Little crowd gathering on the outside of the net. Lots of people came out on the 2nd night of the demo.
Hosoi with a one foot back D to close out the demo for the night. I'm running off to catch some music now!
I've got no idea what band I am watching, but the boat was swaying and so was the crowd
Ah yes, Flogging Molly takes the stage for the first time!
Come on y'all get into it!
Flogging Molly consists of 29 people in their band. Look it up!
Crowd surfing was the most popular way to get around all weekend
Switching over to the long lens so people know I don't only shoot fisheye
This crowd was HUGE. What an amazing evening
Spotted Marse and Peter in the hot tub where they took residence for the weekend.
Back on stage I can see the back of Hensley's head!
Give it up for Flogging Molly. Incredible evening. See you all tomorrow for day 3 aboard the Norwegian Pearl
Day 3 Demo warm up with SPoT team rider, Marse Farmer. Front Blunt
All that drinking making the boys feel rough. Alex Vestal lying on the deck trying to collect himself from last night's mischief.
Yo who is steering the ship! I am terrified of water
Jimmy the Greek lays down the sauce with a front 5-0 warm up.
Dave Duncan has been pro since 1987. Here he is in 2023 front slashing the coping to warm up his MC skills for the evening.
Marse Farmer with a very photogenic step up to back lipslide
Dave Duncan looking like a straight menace for this pose
Step up to nosegrind from SPoT's Marse Farmer
Danny Highfill made his way on to the ramp. From smith from the gentleman
Behind the scenes look at the setup
Crowd shot of a Christian Hosoi front smith
Hide your kids, hide your wife, Schaefer is hugging erybody out there!
Front rock from the fully kitted Hosoi
This photo was super underexposed. If you read my captions earlier you'd know this is how I rescue them. Black/white kickflip fakie from Peter
Christian makes his way up frontside.
Peter is quite the lolly gagger. Fakie ollie one footer
Steve Cab hops into the mix. Back 50 away from the light. Not into it Steve we need you man!
Back 5-0 pose from Hosoi
Love this one. Front smith from Steve
Peter and I escaped collision and I accidentally shot this one as he manualled his way across the deck and back into the ramp. That's a wrap for the evening. See you all tomorrow!
Sixthman crew hit us up and asked if we could shoot some daytime stuff. These busters were out late having too much fun!
Marse still making his way up to the top with a gap to frontside truck bash.
I don't even know the name of this trick and I refuse to learn it. Peter Kryger
Man in the middle is our guy Murder. He helped us setup, made sure we had water and beers, AND the captains loved him
I got to meet the Sixthman photographer, Rich Johnson. He was a great dude with a lot of cool insight on photography. What do you care? You want to see skateboarding
SPoT's Swiss Army knife, Alex Vestal, drinking some well needed water.
Ryan "Duffy" Worsham is a SPoT OG that used to run the World Market skate shop out of SPoT
Two LEGENDS. Hensley and Strubing.
Blunt fakie from another SPoT OG, Anthony Furlong.
I think this might be my favorite photo of the trip and it was a total lucky shot. I don't think I am supposed to tell people my secret is luck. Steve Cab front rock
This is a hard one to shoot so I will just tell you. Strubing clocked in at 100mph and then back 180 out of this 5-0 into the transition.
Another angle of Anthony's blunt fakie.
Matt Hensley hasn't been on a board in a while and he hopped onto the ramp with the guys. It was so awesome to see one of the pioneers of street skating doing his thing. Front slash from Matt
Tim Kulas grabbing some footage. Tim is the man that built the Goat Ramp. He used to live at SPoT back in the early infancy stages of the park in the 90's.
Dave Duncan making sure all the pros get their signatures on Murder's Flogging Molly Cruise deck
including his own!
Love the lighting on this 5-0 fakie. Also Strubing looks like he is doing some sort of Tai Chi
Spotted this ring from the crowd. This lady shrunk someone's head and turned it into a baby ring.
Jimmy the Greek gets the artsy back 50 photo
The captain was having himself a blast. Dude loves skateboarding!
Marse with a beautiful step up kickflip back lip into golden hour
Our righteous leader, Brian Schaefer, in the classic SPoT rope logo tee on a cruise. Name a better duo!
I got a few photos of Tim Johnson, one of the OG's that helped build the Goat Ramp with Tim Kulas.
Back boneless fully on deck from Tim!
Sunset backside air from Hosoi
Signature from Hosoi on his own board
There was a judo in here, but his foot was so quick this is all I got!
Marse Farmer is pro!
More signatures from Hosoi
One last kickflip back lip from Marse Farmer. I love this man
Here's who made it all possible. YOU! You make skateboarding happen. We love YOU


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